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He is my Cold Hearted Husband(Completed/Editing) by Lina_Khar
He is my Cold Hearted Husband( Lina Khar
Masaya na sana kami. Mahal namin ang isa't isa. Pero naglaho ako sa mga alaala n'ya kasama ang pagmamahal n'ya para sa akin. Nasasaktan na ako ngunit wala akong magawa. ...
  • wattys2017
  • generalfiction
  • coldhearted
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The White Wolf by Syxzxnaaa12
The White Wolfby Siti Nur Syazana
Faye Hemmington is a kind-hearted and beautiful individual.She doesn't believe that.She keeps thinking that she is weak and pathetic.She is chosen by the Moon Goddess as...
  • insecurity
  • pain
  • mate
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Stalking by Fictionist98
Stalkingby Fictionist98
Everyone knows to stay out of alleyways at night but what if the streets just as dark what do you do then?
  • cats
  • london
  • moral
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Until When? by simpleme99
Until When?by simpleme99
How long would you take the pain? How long would you pretend? How long that one sided love end? You're not sure on your answer right? You just asking yourself....Until w...
  • secrets
  • friendship
  • lovestory
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What A Girl Does ~ On A Roleplay by Ll_ama0
What A Girl Does ~ On A Roleplayby Nerdy Llama
I'm just one of the girls that fangirl bout anything that I can. Which is, everything really. Most thing girls love to fangirl about would probably be boys. It's not my...
  • drawing
  • cover
  • roleplay
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Undertale: Pacifist as a book. by JoeTypesStuff22
Undertale: Pacifist as a JoeTypesStuff22
"this is just undertale as a book. i don't know why I made this. wait, i didn't make this, joe types stuff did. oh no......." Napstablook wants to warn you the...
  • frisk
  • determination
  • justice
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Hands by automine
Handsby automine
  • arms
  • hurt
  • scratches
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Melody by RuciraKyla
Melodyby Rukyru18
" So this is what i dont know, but i've always want to know " - Melody Kisah seorang Gadis yg berasal dr keluarga pecinta musik, namun selalu ada kisah gelap d...
  • patience
  • melody
  • love
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nas and damian marley patience by JusticeOsiris
nas and damian marley patienceby ANBoss
  • sabali
  • damion
  • youtube
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No One is "Too Far Gone" by Praise_Jehovah
No One is "Too Far Gone"by Tony
When you hear "too far gone", what does that mean to you? Find out as you endeavor in this spiritual book.
  • god
  • love
  • patience
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Blue Balloon by Minji_2017
Blue Balloonby Minji Seo
Mim, an adventurous, independent, and impetuous kind of girl. She's bad at making decisions and always on a rush. She prayed for signs that if she'll meet the guy he's b...
  • hope
  • patience
  • movingon
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Real love by rockk_scott
Real loveby rockk_scott
  • real
  • patience
  • love
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A Life To Be Experience by Livinglifeworthy
A Life To Be Experienceby @ajruba
A Life To Be Experience is a big impact for us people and yes it is full of different things that is coming our way, viewing life itself. Above earth, life is the most p...
  • experience
  • positive
  • help
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The Only Promise That Remains by RianGail14
The Only Promise That Remainsby T I T A N I A
You promised me your world, When you first crashed into mine, You promised all your hours, While you stole all of my time, You promised me the rivers, As I drowned into...
  • jelena
  • heartthrob
  • lizquen
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Him by yuvarani96
Himby yuvarani96
Ever have one of those days whereby everything is so wrong, well i have been feeling like this for four years now, i finally decided that tonight was the night that i wa...
  • hurt
  • kindness
  • romance
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Thoughts put into words  by nayliee
Thoughts put into words by Natalie el-assi
Trying to understand life.
  • inspiration
  • struggle
  • positiv
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A New Chapter by MitchieCx
A New Chapterby Mitchie Cx
Is it possible to never have an happy ending?
  • faith
  • love
  • trust
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Just Let Me Be by tearywritter
Just Let Me Beby tearywritter
I want to be with you. So, please let me be. I want to feel your touch. The way how your fingger tips touches mine is worthless. The way how Im hugging you so tight is s...
  • patience
  • strong
  • love
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Be patient with me by foxesk
Be patient with meby foxesk
the souls need to be forgiven so please be patient with them and forgive them.
  • patience