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Matters of The Heart by winteratheart__
Matters of The Heartby winteratheart__
'You are my favourite place to go, When my mind searches for peace.' ....... She opens the door and barges in as if she owns this place ofcourse she do, well her husband...
Alpha Adrian [COMPLETED] by Jenna__Rose
Alpha Adrian [COMPLETED]by JennaRose
(Under editing) "Stop the car." "What Naia, if I offended you in any way with our conversation I am really sorry, but we are in the middle of nowhere and...
Odds  || H.S. by hisparentsgallery
Odds || Ann Bernice
#2 in bwwm #8 in harrystyles #15 in zaynmalik What are the odds that you become friends with Harry Styles? Best friends? His closest confidant? His lover? In an odd tw...
DESTINED FOR A DEVIL by quirkynoha
-UNEDITED BOOK 1 : | KING SERIES | MAFIA LOVE STORY... "P-plss leave me! " she begged him, while stuttering but he only smirked at her direction caging her i...
Changing Relations ✔ by warishaahmed
Changing Relations ✔by Warisha Ahmed
#Ranked 4 (27/07/19). Thank you so much my beautiful readers. Hanya Qureshi, a nineteen year old pampered daughter of Mrs & Mr. Qureshi, and a loving and caring younger...
It all start in June ✅ by khadyjatt
It all start in June ✅by Autan-mama📚
STARTED ON APRIL 9 2022 FINISHED ON MAY 8 2022 #1 in June on 6-may-2022 #5 in patience on 6-may-2022 #3 in tolerance...
Hiding From My Alpha by Monalisi
Hiding From My Alphaby Monalisi
"Lets play a game shall we," he smiled maliciously. I stepped back. "I'll leave you for now" he stepped closer. I stepped back. "Like the famous...
Jasrah|✔️ by dripped_finesse17
Jasrah|✔️by Marzeeiyerhh
"ALHAMDULILLAH. IT'S OFFICIAL. JASRAH IS NOW HASSAN'S WIFE". She felt her heart threatening to breakthrough it's ribcage. Cheers were all over the house. Ant...
Mending Hearts by Abut_Ahamed
Mending Heartsby Abut Ahamed
'Two broken hearts mend each other with care, support and compassion' Shattered and devasted by the unexpected events in their lives made both of them distant, lifeless...
AWAY BUT NEAR! by Goldennest234
Story of two lover.... Raghav Rao living in HYDERABAD Pallavi sawant living in PARIS. One is studying... Another is owner of top one company RP Heights ... Living away b...
Revenge to Regret by ammuappy
Revenge to Regretby amulya
"Decision is all yours" said shlok with a smirk on his face. "pls shlok why are u doing this to me" came reply from naina. "I guess you know the...
A day after forever. by harlyporsh
A day after harlyporsh
Destined for each other yet unsure of each other's motives, Sultana is arranged to get married to save her father's business and reputation. They were strangers who turn...
"Na rasa ni wata irin baqar mujiyace,Duk wanda yake tare Dani saiyayi Gamo da baqinciki acikin zuciyarsa. Na rasa ni wata irin mace ce da bani da albarka Sam Sam sa...
The White Wolf  (complete) by Syxzxnaaa12
The White Wolf (complete)by Siti Nur Syazana
~ Faye lives in a world where White Wolves are feared and looked down upon. At age 16, she finds out that she is a White Wolf. Will Faye be able to handle the hardships...
Her unwanted love ✅ by bookworthy
Her unwanted love ✅by bookworthy
Idris alam man of his words workholic, short tempered but can't say no to his parents. What happens when this mamas boy gets married for his mother. Will be able to love...
Imperfectly Perfect by budthal
Imperfectly Perfectby budthal
"Khanak, we are going on a honeymoon. Why do you need all this when I'll be there with you?" he asked looking at the pepper spray and safety knife that his wif...
🌷𓂀 ℍ𝕒𝕟𝕒𝕙𝕒𝕜𝕚 𓂀 🌷ᵗᵃᵉᵏᵒᵒᵏ ᶠᶠ [Completed✔] by fragrant_freesia01
🌷𓂀 ℍ𝕒𝕟𝕒𝕙𝕒𝕜𝕚 𓂀 🌷ᵗᵃᵉᵏᵒᵒᵏ れㄚメ
කෙනෙක්ට හදවතින් ම ආදරේ හිතෙන්නෙ කලාතුරකින්❤️ ඒ වගේම ඒ ආදරේ අපේ වෙන්නෙ බොහොම කලාතුරකින්💔 Top Tae Bottom Kook 📌Just Fanfiction taekook 💜 covered by @DimelzaPark cover...
wrong play | jordan baker by sweeteasaint
wrong play | jordan bakerby bitchbaby ♡
Jordan Baker always fucks something up.
If Only I Was Patient by meredithmariala
If Only I Was Patientby Meredith Mariala
Mayenna Margaret is a young and beautiful woman. She is very successful as a dance teacher. She is a dancer herself. One thing Mayenna has always wanted, is a husband. A...
Secrets In Silence ✓ [Secrets Book 1] by LiveLifeInTheRain
Secrets In Silence ✓ [Secrets LiveLifeInTheRain
Addison Gregory was always an obedient child. She did everything her parents asked of her, no questions. To them she was a breathing object to be used and controlled for...