Human by IndigoJewl
Humanby Indigo J.
"Adrian she's human!" "Shit," he swore as he held his now unconscious mate. ~~~~ Aria Amarella Sakujina, she never intended to be boyfriendless...
  • friends
  • choice
  • interracial
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Claimed by king_haley100
Claimedby Haley Dixon
In a world full of gangs, drugs, violence, claims, it doesn't surprise me how many people feel unsafe with the little information that the media gives about it. I was sc...
  • patience
  • acceptance
  • bigballerbrand
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Illusion by yoongi1122
Illusionby 🐼 Yoon 🐼
Highest Ranking in fanfic #45 Bound Series - Book 2 What would Jennie do if one day, Bang PD walks into her flat and asks a huge favor to her. Well, you can't just say...
  • bangtan
  • romance
  • yoonnie
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Forgive me, please (Completed) ✔ by Shakti5555
Forgive me, please (Completed) ✔by Sindhu KSV
Highest Rank: #7 in romance genre "You are dead today" said Mr. Randhir "I am sorry please" came the reply from Mrs. Sakshi Randhir. "I never fo...
  • truelove
  • love
  • teluguwriters
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Revenge to Regret by ammuappy
Revenge to Regretby amulya
21/03/17 : 127th rank in romance 23/03/17 : 117th rank in romance 25/03/17 : 97th rank in romance 28/03/17 : 89th rank in romance 29/03/17 : 71st rank...
  • revenge
  • possesive
  • romance
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Marriage for Revenge (COMPLETED) ✔ by Shakti5555
Marriage for Revenge (COMPLETED) ✔by Sindhu KSV
#2 in General Fiction Cover by Grishma_Rajput Love became hate. Friend became Enemy. Life became a hell. A friend who loved her truly in the past became her enemy and ma...
  • betrayal
  • mistrust
  • doctor
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A SPARKLE OF TRUE LOVE.. by Ayeshasyed97
A SPARKLE OF TRUE Ayeshasyed97
Glancing at my feet he sighed "who wears heels on an excursion to the mountains Areesha what were you thinking!" he grunted. "I I forgot" "You...
  • trust
  • islamic
  • jealousy
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Wala Man Sa'yo Ang Lahat | Lesbian Story| by mhimi_13
Wala Man Sa'yo Ang Lahat | mi mi
Mainlove sa isang Lesbian? Oo, siguro mali pero masaya. Maraming struggles pero naaayos din. Maraming kontra pero hindi naman masama na ipaglaban ..
  • drama
  • patience
  • tagalog
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Stardust Awards {OPEN} by Midnight_Kaiulanis
Stardust Awards {OPEN}by Dani
Want your story to get out there? Want more reads? Want to even win a prize? The Stardust Awards is just one of many fun competition books you can find here in this love...
  • win
  • bookcontest
  • books
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I Will Make You Mine, This Is My Promise ✔ by slow_learner
I Will Make You Mine, This Is My sA
#1 IN CRAZE #1 IN CHILDHOODLOVE #17 IN ROMANCE He pinned her to the wall by grabbing her arm and stood too close to her. So close that their noses and foreheads were tou...
  • truth
  • stubbornness
  • love
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Once Upon Qadr #wattys2018 *EDITING AND REPUBLISHING*  by sajmra
Once Upon Qadr #wattys2018 * 👑 Queen Saj 👑
Once Upon A Time, there was a young Princess. She was beautiful and kind and loving and caring. She was adored by all, for she was never found without a smile on her fa...
  • marriage
  • faith
  • truelove
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السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهُ. *Its a private story, follow to read* Highest ranking: #1 in spiritual, Alhamdulillah on 9 June 2017 and so on. ***...
  • babies
  • arrangedmarriage
  • ceo
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The (not so) Sweet Serendipity by AliceCase923
The (not so) Sweet Serendipityby Alice Case
Timing - a particular point or period of time when something happens. In all things, be it in love, career, academics, sports, name it. It is usually timing that...
  • happiness
  • maine
  • mainemendoza
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Contract Marriage  by Angp11
Contract Marriage by Angp11
He wants a girl for his property according to his father will he will get his property only he married till 28 She wants to have money to escape from her problems. Lets...
  • baby
  • love
  • possessive
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Nurul Qalbi by sahbeerah
Nurul Qalbiby Asmau Aliyu
Please abbah..i dont want to do life would come to an end..mamah please..anty zulaihat please talk to abbah..i dont want to go..she broke down in tears
  • patience
  • fate
  • hausastories
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Wishes of the heart by ZeenahKabir
Wishes of the heartby Zeenat Kabir
"You're supposed to do the right thing Amneeya, you're the eldest" "Your younger ones look at every single thing you do, they'll emulate you. Always be ca...
  • faith
  • family
  • hausa
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BLESSED FOR EACH OTHER  by sidrataskeen
BLESSED FOR EACH OTHER by sidrataskeen
Asalamualaikum warahmatul lahi wa barkatuh hu!! Join Amber Zara and Asad ahmed khan in their journey of life from being Biased for eachother to Blessed for each other...
  • patience
  • wattys2017
  • muslim
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ഇഷ്ഖിന്റെ രാജകുമാരി by _kismathwali_
ഇഷ്ഖിന്റെ രാജകുമാരിby _Free_Bird_
"I hate you Mr. Sheyin " Afeeha Sheyinന്റെ മുഖത്ത് നോക്കി പറഞ്ഞു... " ഇതിലും വലുത് Expect ചെയ്തിട്ടാണ് ഞാൻ ഇതിനിറങ്ങിയത് മോളെ " Sheyin കള്ളച്ചിരിയോടെ...
  • marriage
  • alhamdulilah
  • he
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Just My Luck by simrankaurmalhotra9
Just My Luckby simrankaurmalhotra9
Hope, a seventeen year old girl, has never been the clumsy type. She always plans ahead and knows what to do. She does, doesn't she? Well not quite. Hope has a terrible...
  • teen
  • bad
  • paranormal
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He's Promise by Lyncessxx_uniquekorn
He's Promiseby Osea Apple Lyn
Ang pangakong hindi ko makakalimutan sa kanya Ang pangakong lagi kong pinagninindigan Ang pangakong pinanghahawakan ko sa kaniya Lahat na lang ata ng pangako niya ay in...
  • psicom
  • popfiction
  • wattys2018
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