[Chapter Twenty-One] Addison

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                  It was not the feeling of completeness I so needed,
                                    but the feeling of not being empty.

                                                 ― Jonathan Safran Foer 


Chapter Twenty-One – Addie

The way we sat there and talked like it was the most natural thing in the world is one of the reasons why I found myself so drawn to him, he was unlike anyone else I have ever met.

I've never met anyone so patient or willing to avoid all problems I have. People usually pry, but he was comfortable with my silence. He asked questions but if I wasn't ready to talk about it he let it go completely, he never pushed me.

He usually waited for me to come to him, and when I wanted to try to touch people he sat there and encouraged me while I chickened out so many times.

Now here I am talking, and I haven't really processed that yet, but I'm having a normal conversation with him and leaning against his chest like I've been doing it forever; Like I was never afraid, like I didn't go a year almost without talking, like I was just a normal girl.

This place gave me hope, this place made me feel like everything could be okay.

The day by the pond was better than the last. I remember how I thought that it was the best day and how I could hold onto it when I was in a dark place, but this is truly the best ay of my life right now.

I got my horse, the boy who meant more to me every day and I finally could communicate with him. There were so many more secrets I held and we both knew that, but we were content right now.

I spend the whole day laughing with him and I was sad when it was time to head back home for dinner, I wanted to stay out here like this forever. We rode back together and for the first time we didn't sit in blissful silence as we took everything in.

We took Hadley and Connelly back to the barn to get the saddles off and then let them into the fenced in area that connected the two farms and headed to the house. We walked side by side and  bumped him with my shoulder and he bumped me back.

But then I held my breath when he grabbed my hand and wove his fingers through mine. I looked away to hide the blush that was forming on my cheeks.

We walked up to the table, it was weird not cooking with my aunt but he pulled back my chair and then went to sit next to me. I smiled up at everyone and they were just staring, I really hated when they did that, it was beyond creepy at this point.

"Your group staring is really getting creepy" I voiced my thoughts and they all stared more but with wide eyes. "Not any better guys" I informed them "Who wants to say grace?" I asked and they all snapped out of it and Faith giggled

"Can I please!" she begged, she was so cute.

"Sure" I smiled at her and she was beaming.

I reached a hand out for hers and then to Liam. Everyone grabbed hands and Faith started

"Thank you lord for my family and my other family, thank you for the yummy food and thank you for Addison being so happy, she's pretty when she smiles. Amen!" she yelled and we followed with ours

My heart melted at her words. She was so young and so innocent. She truly was a good soul and it was a refreshing sight to see.

"So Addison, how's the horse?" Liam's dad asked

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