Authors Note

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And here's why i did a book like this. All the time people feel like they have no choice in the matter. they feel they have to stay with someone when you are ALWAYS worth more than any abuse.

Abuse happens every single day all over the world and no one is safe from it, it could be domestic or a random act, but this book focuses on domestic, so that's what i wanted to talk about for a minute on this note

Domestic violence is NEVER okay, never. if they do it once, who says they won't hurt you again. they're always going to be sorry and each time it's going to be shorter until it happens again. Leave! there are bad people out there, and your life is not meant to be spent being someones punching bag. You will find someone who will love you for you and now how much abuse you can take.

it's everywhere and i can only hope that ONE person who reads this book can read it and read this and either get out of a bad situation or speak up and help someone out of one they're in. if this helps ONE single person out of all the people who read it, then the countless hours i spent writing this will all be worth it for them.

Granted, i wrote this because i wanted to, and you guys really have no idea how much your comments all mean to me, and i've loved writing about Addie and Liam. 

I could have had Addie stay, she could have stood up to her parents told them she hated them,  and to leave, she could have said i love you to Liam and they could live happily ever after but it's never as simple as that.

even with everyone there, she felt too weak to do it, it takes time to get over that and to stand up to your abusers, she felt too weak to do it. helping someone isn't as easy as them knowing it's wrong and leaving. her parents and especially Than have a hold on her, they know how to control her because they've been doing it for years. a few months isn't enough to break all that.

she went back because she was scared and felt like they couldn't accept her for not telling them about the engagement even if she broke it off before she left, it took what happened to her for her to finally get out. 

i've said it before in here but abuse is as much psychological as it is physical in a lot of cases, they take that away first and they make you feel weak and useless like you aren't worth anything and then after a while you begin to believe it, when it's all mind games and you need someone or some people there to help you fight it and go from there, two and a half months just wasn't enough and she wasn't ready to have to see them face to face. 

In this case, they brought Than becasue they knew that he had the most control over her, and i don't know if you guys know about trigger words, but it's pretty just simple. you can condition people to get certain responses with words depending on the reenforcement, he made her fear when he called her Honey and made her almost submissive to him when he did. 

i don't know if you'll understand exactly why i had her go back, and i know you guys are going to hate that she did and be all mad at me for writing it that way, especially after she was saying that she would stay, but yeah. it's my book. 

I'm going to write Secrets Cause Silence about Addie and her life and some of you aren't going to want to read it, and that is just fine. 

But if you want to read Truth In Words, the one about what happens after this book, well that one will be started after Secrets Cause Silence and it may be a bit. so sorry for that. it won't be as long as this one, but it will be her fresh start, the trial and her finally fighting back against them all and trying to patch things up with Liam

Well, thank you guys so much for reading, it's meant the world to me :)


Dominating Love Chapter One is now up for those of you who read Dominating Desires. 

And my third book is officially finished, and it will forever be remembered as my birthday, i'll never be able to forget the day this book got marked as completed. 

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