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[Chapter Thirteen] Addison

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 You can only hurt someone until there's nothing left to hurt. 
                                                                           – Anonymous


Chapter Thirteen- Addie

I ran for my life, I didn't like the look in his eyes; the way he looked at me gave me the creeps. I was running for the gate when I felt his grip latch on to my hair. I cried out in pain when he yanked back and then he started dragging me to the barn.

Oh no, please not this.

I screamed as loud as I could and his hand came down across my face cutting my scream off and I clutched my cheek as I felt the bruise already forming.

"Shut the hell up, bitch. I thought you didn't talk"

My body was shaking and I didn't know what to do. I thought about what was happening. How his arms were around me and how disgusting his hands felt on me. They didn't make me feel safe and loved like Liam or Asher. They didn't make me feel happy like Kalila or Faith. They didn't make me feel like s child wrapped up in a blanket of safety like Lalan or Ethan.

They just made me feel fear.

He kept dragging me and I threw my elbow back and got him in the stomach. His grip loosened and I ran for it again. I screamed like me life depended on it, because it may. I didn't know how this would help other then I could scream. He proved to me earlier that he was faster but I still ran as fast as my legs could carry me.

We were over near the path by the barn when he tackled me and my face came down with a smack on the ground. The instant pain that shot through my brain through my whole body was too much to handle. I groaned and rolled to the side.

I could feel blood oozing out of my body; A cut above my head, my hands my knees.

Everything was a bit fuzzy for a minute until I felt the wind hit my bare skin. I struggled against him as hard as I could but it didn't seem to be any use, he had me pinned down and I couldn't get free. This was happening and I started to cry because I couldn't stop it. I could never stop anything.

I was just weak and afraid, I could stop anyone from hurting me. I thought I was safe here, that no one would hurt me. I thought I could trust the people around me and that I didn't have to constantly worry about being attacked.

I was getting better! I was safe here, I was happy here, but now, now that's all gone. It's not safe anywhere, I'll never be safe from anything.

My shirt was ripped from my body and my shorts were pulled off. I pushed kicked and hit whatever I could but that didn't stop him. It didn't help that I couldn't see a damn thing. I couldn't open my eyes without the sharp pains coming back. at least with them closed it was a bit better.

His slimy hands traveled down my bare stomach and then to my bare thighs and I shivered in disgust trying to keep the vomit down. I whimpered in fear as he tore my bra off and moved his hand down to the only piece of clothing I had on.

I heard the pop of the button and the metallic sound of the zipper. His weight shifted and then I felt his bare skin against mine. The tears were flowing down my face uncontrollably now and my body shook as I accepted what would happen next, what I couldn't stop.

He had tied god knows what around my mouth so any sound was muffled. And right as he was about to pull my panties down I heard a noise. There was the sound of a horse and then his weight was gone.

Everything around me was spinning and fuzzy as I tried to get up but I fell back down to the ground in pain. I didn't know what was going on around me; I didn't pay attention to anything. I just lay on the ground as things darkened.

There were sounds of voices but it felt like I was underwater listening to them, I was drowning again and this time I had no strength to try to fight it. I didn't care anymore. It felt like wave after wave crashing down on me as I gave up the fight. I laid there and took it.

I screamed when someone touched me and tried to wiggle away.

"Addie, sweetie it's Liam, I'm not going to hurt you. I won't hurt you." I relaxed and let him touch me. When he went to lift me up my stomach churned and I fell onto my hands and knees and my body heaved as I threw up everything and then dry heaved for what felt like hours.

His hand came down and he rubbed my back. My head was screaming in pain and I was getting dizzy again.

"Woah" he grabbed me and pulled me backwards into his lap.

I cried harder then I think I ever have.

"Addie, can you put your arms up?" he asked and I nodded slowly so I wouldn't hurt my brain more. I slowly raised my arms but the action hurt more than I thought. I felt a t shirt slide over my bare top and  something wrap around my head before Liam pulled me closer to him again.

I buried my face in his bare chest and relaxed. He wouldn't hurt me, not like Jack. Liam wouldn't hurt me. I told myself over and over again. I cried for what just happened, I cried for why I was here, I cried because my body hurt and I cried because crying just made everything hurt worse.

"Shh, You're with me now, you're safe now." He whispered in my ear.He rubbed my back and massaged my scalp which helped the pain ease up a tiny bit, but even that much ease was gladly welcomed.

"Liam, the police are here. They want to know if they should talk to her now or later at the hospital." Ethan's voice rang through the haze.

"She needs a hospital now, they can wait. Just have him deal with the scum bag first." His voice was laced with anger and I cowered. I knew it wasn't directed at me but it still scared me.

He held tighter "I'm sorry." His voice was soothing again "You're safe and I'm not going to hurt you. im' not mad at you. This wasn't your fault. Addie this wasn't your fault"

I sat there and cried longer

"Addie, the ambulance is here. Do you want me to come with you?" he asked and I nodded. He picked me up and carried me until I was placed down on something and then he grabbed my hand. Everything still felt far away.

I felt all the movement and being lifted into the back of the vehicle. I was barley aware of them touching me and working around me, things were fading fast and I had a last minute thought that made my blood run cold in fear.

No matter how bad it hurt I pulled my hand from Liam's and moved them around and signed one last request that I knew Liam would pay attention to before all the sounds disappeared completely and everything went black.

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