[Chapter Nineteen] Addison

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                                    I said nothing for a time,
                      just ran my fingertips along the edge
                                 of the human-shaped emptiness
                                                 that had been left inside me.

                                                       ― Haruki Murakami 

Chapter Nineteen- Addie

As soon as I walked in things got quiet. They were all staring at me and I just stared back. Did I look that bad? I thought I looked alright.

"You look very pretty Addie" Faith said and I smiled down at her.

I helped with breakfast and I could see them all looking at me and my exposed skin from time to time and it made me anxious but they didn't say anything about it.

After breakfast, Asher took me to the doctor to get my wrist looked at. My legs were fidgeting the whole time we were waiting, I just wanted it off and I wanted it off now. My wrist was sweating horribly and it itched all the time. I was dying to take a normal shower and wash the skin.

It felt like hours we waited and Asher eventually put a hand on my knee and pushed to stop me from moving, I sent him a small smile and then we were called back. I hadn't had this doctor before.

"So Addison how is your wrist feeling."

'F I N E" I sighed letter by letter to Asher

"She says its fine."

"Can she not talk?"

"No she can't" Asher answered for me "And she can't sign with a cast."

"Alright, well we can get her into x-rays and see how it's doing." She took me back and we got the cast cut off and I flinched when the people tried to touch me. Asher was holding my other hand while they did it and it gave me some comfort.

While we waited the doctor came in and it was hard to sit there while she examined my wrist. The x-rays came back and she said the break was healed, but I would have to still take it easy and wear a brace and to come in next week.

I smiled and sighed with relief. I could give Connelly a bath today now and I could take one myself! I wanted to jump with joy. I still wouldn't be able to sign yet, but at least it was progress.

We got in the car and I smiled the whole way home. When I got out I jumped out and skipped inside.

"How was the doctor?" Aunt Lalan asked and I held out my arm

"That's great! Soon you'll be fully healed and don't need anything on." I nodded and I once again helped her cook lunch and then went out to round people up. We all ate together, both families and then they headed back out to work.

This morning they tried again to ride Connelly and it didn't work. I was cleaning the dishes when I heard Uncle Ethan talking to Liam's dad.

"I think we're just going to need to sell him. We try and try and people just end up hurt."

"Give him the rest of the day to cool off and then we can try again tomorrow. Maybe think of another approach."

I felt tears welling up when they said they were going to probably sell Connelly. I went outside and to the field where he was trotting around. He looked so worked up right now but I climbed over the fence and walked towards him slowly.

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