[Chapter Thirty-Three] Addison

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                             "Scars are not injuries.
                                                A scar is a healing.
                                    After injury,
                          a scar is what makes you whole."
                                                    ― China Miéville,

Chapter Thirty-Three- Addie

Through the whole day it felt like I was in another world. I was lost in my thoughts through the day and dinner and I curled up and went to sleep early with Liam and Keisha since he had to be up early.

I thought back to the field, how he called me sweetie, how natural it was to kiss him hello and goodbye, how safe it felt when he wrapped his arms around me and how natural it felt to be with him.

We acted like we were In a relationship. He was there for me when I needed him, he slept with me and I opened up to him. We spend time together and we had our date. We kissed we just acted like any couple would, but we weren't a couple.

I felt confused and off all day as I tried to figure out what to make out of all of this, I knew that in another life we could be together and there wouldn't be a problem, but I knew what needed to be done in three and a half weeks, but I was having a harder time each day remembering why exactly I was going back.

My family hated me, I was abused and beaten, I wasn't allowed to talk and I was pretty much being trained to be a lawyer temporary, long enough for my parents to get what they wanted before I because a slave of a house wife. There was nothing for me there.

No life, no love, no real family.

But I knew that they would make my life and my family's hell if I didn't. I cared too much about the people here to let them do that to them. I accepted my fate long ago and this would be my last and only taste of freedom before things got worse.

As soon as I got back mom would start with the marriage talk and I would have no choice, it was better for Liam if I ended whatever we had now, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I knew I was being selfish with that, but I knew I would hurt him and it would kill me to leave.

Every day I was with him was another day I wanted to call them and refuse to come home.

But I just didn't have that option.

Liam woke up early and with the movement and lack of him and Keisha in bed I woke up. He made sure to kiss me goodbye before I curled back up for another couple hours of sleep.

The feel of his lips lingered on mine as I fell back asleep. I would try to remember that feeling every single day after I left.

A couple hours later I was up and helping with breakfast for the rest of us before cleaning and Kalila and I decided to hang out and go lay out in the sun, trying to tan our stomach and backs as well.

"So, how are you liking it here now?" she asked as we got comfortable

"I love it here."

"Are you going to come back and visit?" she asked but I didn't have an answer for that.

"I don't know, I really hope so though."

"Why wouldn't you?" she asked

"I don't know if I'll be allowed."

"Addison, you're nineteen and an adult, you can do whatever the hell you want. Don't let them control your life." she said sternly

She was right, legally they couldn't do shit, but I was terrified to go against them.

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