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[Chapter Forty-Five] Addison

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                  Now that it's all said and done
               I can't believe you were the one
           To build me up and tear me down,
                 Like an old abandoned house
                   What you said when you left
         Just left me cold and out of breath. 
               I fell too far, was in way too deep.
             Guess I let you get the best of me.

         Well, I never saw it coming.
               I should've started running
                          A long, long time ago.
        And I never thought I'd doubt you,
                       I'm better off without you
               More than you, more than you know.
       I'm slowly getting closure.
                I guess it's really over.
                   I'm finally getting better.
            And now I'm picking up the pieces.
               I'm spending all of these years 
               Putting my heart back together.
  'Cause the day I thought I'd never get through,
                       I got over you.

                                          Over You: Daughtry

Chapter Forty-Five- Addison

Liam was there, which had to mean something. I could see that I had hurt him and after two months it was fresh in his mind, believe me it was fresh in mine too.

Once I woke up, he stayed at a distance as my family and the doctor came in. I was asked a million questions to test my memory and unfortunately, I still remembered everything. They ran more tests and they told me they needed to keep me for at least a week to see how I healed up and to make sure I would be fine.

I had been out for two weeks this time, which was two more weeks of my life he had taken from me.

"Addison, do you want something to eat?" Auntie asked and I shook my head and looked away. This wasn't a way I wanted them to see me. I know that I asked for them to be called, but I didn't really think that through.

I was taking them away from their lives and god, I looked terrible, I can only imagine how I looked two weeks ago.

"Addie, the police want to talk to you when you're up for it." Ethan came in

"Not today. I don't want to talk to them." I said

"Baby, you're going to have to." Lalan said and I shook my head and I couldn't look at them

"Please, I just want to be alone." I whispered

"Okay." Ethan said and I watched him lead Aunt Lalan out of the room and I sighed in relief. I hated being in this situation and I hated that I was always the victim. I hated how weak I felt, I couldn't fight him off I couldn't change what happened. My head would be killing me even more with the tears if they didn't have me so drugged up on pain killers.

As I looked at my body I remembered everything he did to me and when I lifted my gown up to look at my stomach it was like I was there.

I felt the sting against my face and I held my cheek. I had said something to his father that according to Than could have jeopardized everything .

"You nearly blew everything, you are worthless to me if that happens." He walked into the bedroom and I knew what he was going for so I ran and locked myself in the bathroom.

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