[Chapter Three] Addison

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"Sometimes our light goes out,
but is blown again into instant flame
by an encounter with another human being."

                                             ― Albert Schweitzer

Chapter Three- Addison

Having Liam in my room for so long was nerve wracking, he kept looking at me when we were putting my stuff up, and it was like he could see right through me, like he knew everything.

I know it's impossible; the most unnerving part was I could see that he wanted to know. I didn't want to talk about it, which is the reason I didn't tell my aunt that I was shipped off here because I had a mental breakdown. That leads to questions about my parents I don't want to answer, and then back to why I had that break down to begin with, which I definitely do not want to answer.

I lay down in my bed and admired my room. It was beautiful, and I could see that they went out of their way to make me feel at home here. I had a room with a walk in closet, my own bathroom and the murals were beautiful.

I know the Seattle skyline was painted for me, but I wasn't sure about the others. The only thing it's missing is a sky painted on the ceiling, maybe I could talk to Aunt Lalan about that. It was like that in my old room, it's what comforted me at night.

I lay in bed for another half hour before I decided it was time to go face them all. I don't know what I was going to do, but after they went through so much to make me feel comfortable, I feel even worse.

I honestly thought I would just be shoved in some small white room out of the way with nothing in it but a tiny bed. She is my father's sister after all. But I can already see that she is nothing like him, I wonder how he turned out to be so, him.

I grabbed my notebook and walked slowly too the door, trying to put it off as much as possible. I was embarrassed; I just can't believe I broke down like that. I followed the noise and ended up in the kitchen where Aunt Lalan was baking.

I wrote 'I'm sorry' then walked over to her and tapped her shoulder, and the contact surprisingly didn't make me freak out.

She jump and turned to face me with her hand over her chest "Oh Addison, baby you scared me" she gave me a small smiled. I held up the paper for her to read.

"Sweetheart, it's fine. But are you okay now?" I nodded.

'Thank you for my room, it's beautiful' she smiled

"It used to be Kalila's second art room, but she painted the skyline for you, is there anything you need changed?"

I thought about it, should I ask after they went through so much trouble, and then I figured being honest was best.

'In my old room, I had a sky painted on the ceiling with glow in the dark stickers, I was wondering if I could do that'

"One minute" she walked out of the room and walked back with a girl about my age with blonde curly hair. She was beautiful and she just had that air of confidence around her that I wish I still had.

"Hello Addison" she smiled, but kept her distance.

I waved back.

"So Addison wants to know if we could do a sky on the ceiling with glowing stars"

"Do you want a night sky, or daytime?"

I never thought of that, really. 'Which do you suggest?'

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