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[Chapter Thirty-Four] Liam

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            "I strongly believe that love is the answer
     and that it can mend even the deepest unseen wounds.
                                 Love can heal,
                                           love can console,
                                                     love can strengthen,
                                                               and yes,
                                                                       love can make change."
                                     ― Somaly Mam

Chapter Thirty-Four- Liam

When I got to the pond and saw her singing I stayed back and just listened to her play. It was beautiful to hear both her voice and the guitar, I didn't know she played. I knew she would be embarrassed and put it away as soon as she knew I was here and I wanted to listen as long as I could.

She was pretty damn good with that guitar and her voice was beautiful too. She strummed along and when she finished the song she looked up and saw Hadley and then immediately looked for me.  She looked embarrassed and her face tinged with pink, which just deepened to a red when I clapped

"Beautiful." I told her and she shook her head

"Lies get you nowhere Liam Taylor Johnston." She tisked

"You know my full name, but I don't know yours." I just thought about that, in our talks she seemed to have missed telling me that bit of information, but then again, I didn't actually think to ask.

"Addison Mandalyn Gregory." She said pulling the food out of the basket.

"Beautiful name." I told her

"Where did you get the name?" I asked

"I have no idea; my parents aren't the type to spend time socializing with me and telling stories."

"I get that; maybe ask Lalan and see if it's a family thing, you never know, they could have had a heart when they named you." I suggested as she handed me a plate.

"Maybe, does it really matter?" she asked me

"A name is important. I'm names my grandfather and you know; my dad's name is my middle name."

"What would you name your kid?" she asked

"Boy or girl?" I took a bite and waited for her to swallow before she replied


"I don't really know, never thought about it. I guess I would want Taylor and Caroline to be part of it, How about you?" I looked over at her and she looked to be thinking about it for a minute.

"I don't know, but I think Lalan would be part of my daughters." She smiled and that little bit of information gave me hope that I could get her to stay, if she wanted Lalan to be part of her daughter's name, that said a lot about how she felt about the people here.

"I think that would be sweet."

"She's a great person, I've never felt so much motherly love, and actually I've never felt any. Lalan feels like a real mother to me." she confessed

That hope was bubbling more, I think if I could get her to see this and talk about her family some more, maybe if I bring it up with good timing she would think about staying.

"How about everyone else?" I asked her

"Ethan has been good to me from a distance. He's backed off and I don't know if he knows how to react to me, he kind of let's Auntie do things, but I can see her cares. He's a warm person."

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