[Chapter Twenty] Liam

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We're never so vulnerable than when we trust someone-
                      but paradoxically, if we cannot trust,
                                    neither can we find love or joy      

                                             -Walter Anderson 


Chapter Twenty - Liam

The terror I felt, that we all felt when we watched the wild horse running towards Addie was indescribable. She was about to get hurt and before we even had time to process we were all running towards her.

"Addie!" Ethan yelled and she turned around and just smiled and waved

The horse was right there and we couldn't seem to get to her fast enough. I felt like the faster we went the slower we were actually going. It felt like it took hours to get to her.

As we neared he kicked he legs and we all back up quickly. In a blur Asher was gone to grab something and back. we tried to get the ropes around him to pull him away and he wasn't going to back down easily.

Addie was waving her hands around and I saw the dirt on her and tears in her eyes.

"Go get some other guys." Ethan yelled and Asher was gone.

"Addie's hurt, she's crying" I yelled and everyone turned to look at her. She came running towards us and I wrapped my arms around her to keep her back from the horse and safe.

The horse was furious right now and I could see more people running over. Addison was bawling in my arms right now, and I couldn't figure out where she was hurt and why she was struggling so much.

"Stop! Leave him alone!" She screamed at the top of her lungs and everyone froze, I let her go and no one was focusing on anything other than her right now.

All I say was the horse near her again and we just needed to get her away from him. I grabbed her waist and yanked her back into me. The horse kicked one of the new guys we brought in and then I lost hold of her.

She was on the other side of the horse now and I was terrified about that. He was so big and she was so small, he could hurt her easy.

"Addison, step away from him slowly." Ethan told her and she didn't seem scared and it was frustrating, didn't she know what he was capable of?

"Addie, he's dangerous get away from him." and I was shocked when she just rolled her eyes at me, was she insane?

"He's not dangerous, he's trying to protect me!" her soft voice sounded once again, we heard her scream but this was different. She as calm and I just stared at her. Her voice was everything I would expect from her; gentle, sweet, calm, beautiful.

"He just hurt someone." I vaguely heard one of the guys say, but my eyes were focused on her.

"You scared me and him, you pulled me away and wouldn't let me go, he's trying to protect me, he's not hurting me!" She said with more authority.

I looked closer at her, she was definitely calm, well as calm as any of us could be in this situation, and she knew she wouldn't get hurt. She was afraid of almost everything, but in these moments she wasn't. she looked more angry or frustrated than anything and it wasn't directed at the horse.

We all shared a look and then Ethan moved towards her from the side. The horse moved to put himself between them and when I moved towards her he did the same and pushed her away from us gently. I've never seen him so calm around people or so determined. He wasn't freeing out as she ran a hand over him.

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