[Chapter Twenty-Three] Addison

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                         For every good reason there is to lie,
                      there is a better reason to tell the truth.
                                             -Bo Bennett

Chapter Twenty-Three – Addie

The way he looked down at me made me freeze, but not in a bad way. This whole experience with him was new and confusing to me. I never had friends, I wasn't allowed to, and I've never had this feeling before like I had for him, not really.

When he his eyes flicked down and he leaned in towards me I should have freaked out, but with him so near me I felt everything but that. Nerves and excitement were the dominating ones. But when he pulled back I didn't know if I was relieved or happy about that.

I knew that I could never be what anyone wanted, I was too messed up for that and no one deserved to be drug down with me, but sometimes around him I forget that and I feel normal, like maybe I can be normal and forget everything back home, but that never lasts too long.

I went down to make lunch for us so we could spend some time together in the field today, I loved it over there and there were no distractions, just us.

And I'm not sure if I was happy or nervous about that either. I didn't know what we would talk about, if I would like it. I don't know the way back on my own so I can't just run away if I don't like where it's going, but he's never been one to push either.

Once I started boiling the eggs and pasta I went looking for Aunt Lalan and I found her out back

"Auntie, Liam and I are going to the field today, I'm making lunch, and we'll be back for dinner" I toled her

"Sure thing sweetie, you have fun." She smiled and I nodded and headed upstairs to grab some other things, like sunscreen, a book, a couple towels incase the grass gets itchy, sunglasses and i went to grab my phone but decided I would toss it on my bed, not like anyone calls me anyway.

I packed the bag and went to finish up some things for egg salad sandwiches and was about to mix all the stuff with the pasta when Liam came in.

"Anything I can do to help?" he asked

"Grab a few waters please" I said as I continued on

"Got it, anything else?" he asked again

"Whatever else you can grab that you would want out there. I have sandwiches and pasta salad."

"Alright." He shuffled around and packed some things that I didn't pay much attention too, I put the pasta in a container and he finished packing it all up.

"You want to load that up while I saddle Connelly?" I asked

"Sure." He agreed but I could see the look on his face, it was still a cross between confusion and amazement. Just because I took the time to earn his trust, didn't mean they had to look at me like I was going crazy. I rolled my eyes and put on some shoes before heading to the barn. Hadley was over with Connelly so I called him over to me and he came

I got everything on him while Liam fastened the food; I fastened my bag and put on my sunglasses before swinging up and onto Connelly's back.

"Ready?" I asked and he nodded before leading the way.

It took a while to get there, but since I was more comfortable riding now than the first time, we didn't have to stay at a slow walk, we decided on the part of the field where there's a very small pond in case the horses needed some water and then we went a bit away from them to get comfortable within the grass.

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