Chapter 62. Maha Chapter.

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Suman's POV.


I ignored the voice and kept walking.

"Sumo, Stop!"

I most certainly shall not, I assured myself silently.

"Sumo. This is not funny!"

No, it most certainly is not! Just like it was not funny when this madman had been trying to sneak into the shop while I was shopping for my-'essentials!'

How dare he keep referring to them as 'titbits'?

I will certainly not stop walking. Let him scream out his lungs for all I care!

"Sumo! You could get lost."

He has a point there.

I took the next bend on the sidewalk and slowed my speed considerably and pretended to look into the shops around. I heard his footsteps get closer and pretended to not notice him – till he walked right past from where I was standing!

I turned to look in that direction and my heart almost missed a beat when I realised that person had not been Shravan at all!

I gave a hurried look in the direction I had been walking from. There was no sign of him! I looked around frantically trying to catch a glimpse of his dark jacket.

Why do so many people have to wear dark coloured clothes! I started feeling panicky till I heard a mobile phone ring beside me.

Of course! How silly of me. I should just call him. I know he had been right behind me so he cannot be far and he must also be undoubtedly trying to look for me right now.

I put my hand into the pocket of my coat and frowned when I did not find it. I checked the other pocket. My heart gave a painful lurch remembering I had given my phone to Shravan to hold before I had gone inside the shop.


Why did I do that? Why did I not slip it into a pocket like I usually do?

Should I just stand where I was and wait- rather hope Shravan finds me? Or maybe ask someone to help me?

But how will anyone help me? I don't even have an address or the name of the hotel where we would be staying.

Why did I have to be so silly and do something so insensible like walking away in an unknown city! I do not even speak French.

Where did he go? I had heard him call out to me constantly.

He must have missed seeing me taking the turn at the bend I thought feeling myself go close to tears.

Maybe I should walk back in the direction I had been walking? I felt some eyes on me. I gulped in fear when I saw a burly man- very tall and hefty was staring at me from a few yards away.

Sumo, take hold of yourself. Don't look scared and let him guess you are lost. I closed my eyes in my attempt to calm myself.

My eyes snapped open when I felt an arm on my shoulders followed by a strong smell of chocolate.

I turned my head sharply and almost cried in joy.


I squeaked my happiness and flung my arms around him.

"Careful Sumo!" He said and I then realised he was holding two cones of ice cream. Chocolate and the other vanilla.

"I did not mean to make you so angry Sumo." He said pushing the chocolate one towards me.

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