Chapter 57.

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Suman's POV.

I stepped out of Shravan's study fully aware he is not serious about 'taking it easy.' I will have to keep checking on him from time to time.

I had almost entered my room when I heard the doorbell ring and Pushkar let someone in.

I stepped out and tried to see who it was as the man approached Shravan's study and opened the door.

I saw his face just as I heard him ask.

"What is going on?"

Ramnath Uncle!

I felt a strange apprehension hoping Shravan is not too bitter against him for what he did. After all he is his father-

"Papa!" I heard Shravan's happy sounding voice from inside. A feeling of despair invaded me as the reality that had momentarily left me, hit me hard.

Shravan does not remember what happened!

I gulped slightly and stood rooted to the spot, not sure at that moment how to react or even what to do.

I looked at Pushkar and saw him watching me. He shot me a look that was helpless and apologetic.

I smiled at him, hoping it came across as a reassuring smile, though my insides were a quivering mess right now.

"Why do you have a bandage Shravan?" Ramnath uncle's voice reached my ears and my despair only increased.

No one had been informed about the accident. Ramnath uncle is not going to be happy about this.

"Nothing serious Papa. A small mishap." I heard Shravan say. I still could not see his face from where I stood.

Ramnath uncle must have accepted Shravan's explanation of the wound being a result of a small mishap because he did not pursue it.

"Danny it's always a pleasure to meet you. Rahul! Good to see you." I heard uncle say fondly. "Shravan I am sure you realise you have got yourself an asset by letting this amazing young man work with you."

Even at the seriousness of the situation Shravan's disgruntled 'Uh-hmm' by way of response made me smile. I could almost imagine the look that he must be having on his face right now.

"Vandy spoke to me just before I came here, so don't worry young man. You will have my full cooperation as well as blessing." Uncle said, obviously still speaking to Rahul.

I suppose he is talking about Rahul's career, but why do I have a feeling the words mean more than that?

"Shravan, that reminds me, Manju, you know your childhood friend Suman's maternal Aunty told me that she has talked to you on this?"

I don't know how much more dread my heart can take in right now without me crumbling under the pressure.

However uncle's onslaught was far from over. He did not wait for Shravan to answer before continuing "You do remember Suman don't you?"

"Papa, Sumo is-" I heard Shravan's voice and did not miss the whiplash in his tone as he responded uncle.

Uncle seemed to have missed out on Shravan's tone completely when he interrupted him "Of course you met a lot of old childhood friends when you visited Delhi few weeks back." He said sounding matter of fact.

"Now I remember Tiwariji had mentioned about how you have arranged for her to attend some conference here and undergo a short training. I am proud of you my son. You should always help the ones in need. And Suman is the daughter of my dear friend Priya and also Tiwariji's granddaughter. So this means a lot to me too."

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