Chapter 44

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Bailey’s POV:

“That’s amazing! I'm so happy you can stay!” Chloe says while throwing her arms around me.

“I know! I'm so relieved I don’t have to worry about it now!” I say hugging her back.

“I’m throwing you a party!”

“What no, that isn’t necessary!” I whine.

“Yes it is! We are celebrating you staying here!” I glare at her. “I don’t care if you don’t want one! I am throwing a party; you can see it as just a fun, regular party, not a celebrating one for you. Please, Bailey.”

I huff, “Fine.”

“YAY!” she exclaims and throws her arms around me again.

I laugh as we fall onto my bed.

“Get off me you creep!”

“Never!” she says, hugging me tighter.


It was the night of the party at Chloe’s house. I'm not exactly sure whose coming.

The only people I'm sure of are Cameron, Toby, Brandon, and Noah.

Chloe insisted that she does my make-up and hair, and dress me.

Her brother, Hunter had started letting people in and letting the party begin. I figured that considering we could hear loud music coming from downstairs.

“This is going to be so much fun!” Chloe says as she slips on her black dress. I nod and slip on the black heels that Chloe gave me.

The outfit she picked out for me was a yellow and black floral shirt that ties in the front, stopping a few inches below my boobs, a black skirt that is a little above mid-thigh with white polka dots.



We walk out of her room and down the stairs.

Cameron and Toby are already here and have red cups in their hands.

“Hi beautiful.” Toby greets Chloe and kisses her on the cheek. “You look beautiful as well, Bailey.”


“You look amazing.” Cameron said eyeing me head to toe.

“Thank you,” I say hugging him.

While Cameron started talking to Toby and Chloe, I looked at Cameron’s appearance.

He’s wearing a black jacket and a grey shirt under neither with bold black letters ‘NY’, and black jeans.

He looks so attractive.

“Enjoying the view?” I meet his eyes and see he’s smirking at me. I feel my cheeks burn, I look down at my feet.

Cameron tilts my chin up and puts his arms around my waist and leaned into my ear, brushing his lips lightly over my ear, “No need to be ashamed for checking me out. I do look pretty good tonight.” He chuckles and I join. “You look beautiful tonight.”

I feel my face heat up at the compliment, “thank you.”

Before he pulls away he kisses my cheek, causing me to blush more.

“Let’s go get you a drink,” Cameron said grabbing my hand and leading me to the kitchen.

In the kitchen there were a bunch of different types of alcohols and red plastic cups stacked high.

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