Chapter 51

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Bailey's POV:

"Good morning." I say walking into the kitchen.

"Morning." Jessica smiles at me. "It's a pancake kind of morning! Do you want chocolate chips in yours?"

"Sure." I say sitting down at the island. "Where's Jeff?" I ask looking around the kitchen.

The only noise that could be heard was from upstairs, Zach and Hayley's TV.

"He had to run into work for a few hours." She said flipping a pancake. "Boys not up yet?"

"I don't think so. Their doors were shut."

"We'll wake them after we eat the pancakes. They'll eat them all!" She laughs putting the cooked pancakes on a plate.

"Smart idea!"

Jessica and I grab a few pancakes and place them on our plates and grab forks.

We take our plates and drinks and set them on the dining table.

Jessica sits at the head of the table, while I sit on the side.

I grab the syrup and put it on my pancakes.

"Do you like them?" Jessica asks after chewing.

"They're delicious. Thank you!"

"I may have to make more for the boys! We might at them all!"  Jessica and I both laugh.

"So, Bailey, Jeff and I have been talking about your adoption. Do you still want to go with it? I mean you'll be turning 18 soon, and you will be considered as an adult. It's up to you." She says smiling at me.

I haven't really been thinking about my birthday. Its less than a month, September 17. 

"That's true. I really want to be like officially apart of this family,  but I don't want you guys wasting your money on an adoption."

"It's fine with us. We would be more than happy to. You don't have to make any decisions any time soon." Jessica says and smiles at me.

"Thank you so much. I couldn't thank you enough for what you guys have done for me. You made my life better." Jessica's eyes got glossy. "Awe. Don't cry!"

"I'm sorry, I'm such a baby!"

I reach over and wrap my arms around her, and Jessica hugs me back.

"You're welcome. I'm so thankful to have you around." Jessica said pulling away.


Jessica and I had finished our pancakes, and started making more for the boys.

Once most of them were finished I went upstairs to wake the boys.

"Toby." I said knocking and opening the door slightly.


"Your mom and I made breakfast."

"What is it?"  he asked not even moving.

"Chocolate chip pancakes."

"I don't know if I want to eat them. You made it." I hear him chuckle.

I scoff at him, "Shut up. I can cook."

"Yeah, yeah. I'll be down in a minute." I smile and shut the door.

"Cameron, wakey, wakey." I said cracking his door open. 

I see Cameron laying in his bed shirt less,  with his phone very close to his face.

"I'm up. You can come in."

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