Chapter 48

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Bailey’s POV:

Nash and Cameron started the video, while Matthew, Abby, and I observed from behind the camera.

Cameron went first, and already had a bunch of food on him such as, syrup, barbecue sauce, salt, and lettuce.

You would think them being friends for so long, he would’ve gotten more questions right.

“Okay, do I like ketchup?” Nash asked.

“No, you don’t.” Cameron says pouring water from a bottle on his face.

“You got that one right!”

Cameron smiles and starts splashing the water from the bottle on his face.

Matthew, Abby and I start laughing at him.

“What’s my favorite cereal?”

“Cinnamon toast crunch."

"You cheated."

"I swear I didn't cheat." Cameron says dumping the rest of the water on him. "Wooh!"

Nash continued asking Cameron questions, he got a few right but of course he got most of them wrong.

When Nash was done asking questions,  Cameron went into the bathroom and turned the shower on.

"My face burns!" We heard Cam say from the bathroom.

A few minutes later, Cameron came out of the bathroom with a white towel tied around his waist.

I tried my best not to stare at his abs, so I went on my phone to check the time. It's around five o'clock.

Cameron started asking Nash questions and Nash got all of them wrong so far. The first food Cam put on Nash was dog food, I gagged a bit when he put it on his face.

"What is my favorite show?"

"Drake & Josh. Did I get it!?"

"Nope." Cameron said shaking his hand and dumping more nasty food on him and rubbing it in his hair.

Cameron backs away as Nash tries to put some of the food on him.

"Ow. Ow. Ow! Wait I just cut myself. Ow bro ow! Bro I need stitches! Bro bro I need stitches!"

"What!?" I ask as he comes between the light and camera.

"I just cut myself. Bad!"

"Holy shit!"

"Call 911 or something! I'm not even fucking kidding! Call 91-fucking-1!"

Cameron comes to me and puts an arm around my shoulder.  "Matthew help me take him to the bathroom!" I tell Matthew.  Cameron puts his other arm around him.

"Wrap your foot in a towel!" Nash calls from the other room. "Matthew continue recording this!"

"Why would you want to continue recording this?" Abby asked.

"It'll make a fun video!"

"Oh my gosh. And to think I'm in love with this boy." Abby says smiling at me.

Cameron holds his towel and lifts his leg and puts it in the sink. Matthew got a towel out of the closet and wrapped his foot. Nash came in and stood to the right of Cameron.

Abby was standing against the doorway with the phone to her ear, "Hi, uhm, we need an ambulance!  My friend cut his foot really bad and can't walk on it." Abby gave them the address and room number. "Yeah. Thank you."

"The ambulance will be here in like 10 minutes."

"I need something to wear.  I don't want to walk out of here naked."

"You aren't at least wearing underwear? " I asked.

"Nope."He said laughing. 

Nash went under Cameron's legs.

"Bailey can you get me my phone please?"  I went into the room we filmed in and grabbed his phone.

Nash got into the shower in just his underwear.

I looked back at Cameron and he was checking himself out in the mirror.

"Are you seriously checking yourself out! ?" I ask laughing at him.

"Maybe! Shut up!" he said laughing. 

When Nash was done in the shower, he went and got Cameron some underwear. 

I helped Cam unwrap the towel around his foot so he could get clothed.  When I was finished everyone got out of the bathroom and shut the door.

We heard a few "Ow's" then the door opened.

"Your foot looks so bad!" I said looking at the open cut on his foot.

"How do you not feel that?!" Nash asks.

"I don't know! You would think it hurts but I'm in shock right now!" 

We heard a knock at the door, Abby and went to the front door and opened it.

"He's in the bathroom." We say at the same time and step aside from the doorway.

The men brought in a stretcher and equipment.

I looked down the hall and saw Cameron being carried by one of the paramedics. He then was layed on the stretcher.

"Only two of you can ride in the back with him." He told us.

"I can drive Abby and I to the hospital." Matthew volunteered.

"Thank you." I told them and hugged them both.

We followed the men down to the ambulance. Nash and I got into the back with Cameron.

"Have you told your mom or dad yet?" Nash asked Cameron.

"No, I probably should." He said and laughed.

Cameron called his parents as we drove all the way to thw hospital.

(Tin can dallas! lol I watched the video as I was writing this so I could make them alike!  I hope you guys like it! I want to end the book soon so I can start writing my other book! But I won't end it to soon! Possibly around the end of May! So don't freak out!  I love you guys!

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