Chapter 29

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Bailey’s POV:

“Do you guys want to watch a movie?” Chloe asks.

Mostly everybody nods their heads yes and Chloe asks, “What kind?”

“Scary.” Tyler says.

“I don’t do scary movies.” I say finishing the bite of pizza in my mouth.

“It’s okay, I’ll be here.” Tyler says nudging me with his arm. “What scary movies do you have?”

“I have Saw, Paranormal Activity..” before she could finish Brandon was practically jumping out of his seat.

“Paranormal Activity!” he cheers.

“Which one, one, two, or three?” Chloe asks walking over to her movies.

“The first one.” He says.

“Everybody okay with the movie?” Chloe asks.

Everybody either says yes or nods their heads.

A little less than half way into the movie. I don’t like it. I just don’t like knowing something may happen.

Tyler had grabbed a blanket and both of us are using it. I'm balled up next to Tyler with only my head peeking out from the blanket on his chest. His right arm is wrapped around my shoulder.

I check my phone and it’s already 1:27am.

My eyes are struggling to keep open.

Finally my eyes shut and I'm asleep.


I wake up lying on Tylers chest when I woke up. I got up trying my best not to wake him, and go into the kitchen. Toby and Chloe are by the stove, with Toby behind Chloe trying to help her flip a pancake.

"Morning." I say and pull one of the stools out from the island and sit.

"Morning," they say at the same time.

"Pancakes will be done in a minute, do you want to go wake up the boys?" Chloe asks.

"Sure," I say and walk back into the living room. Noah is already sitting up looking around the room squinting his eyes because of how bright it was. I walk over to Brandon, who is lying on his stomach with his arms around the pillow his head is on.

I go over to him, and kneel down.

I get a piece of my hair and start to tickle him under his nose.

He groans and swats me away.

"Come on! Breakfast is ready!"

"I want sleeeeep." He exaggerates 'sleep'.

"They're pancakes."

"Fine!" He huffs and gets off the couch.

"Tyler." I say and walk over to him.

me and gets off me.

"Breakfast! Get up!"


I walk into English with Toby. We seperate to move to our seats.

As I sit down Tyler, Brandon, and Noah enter the room. Tyler smiles once he see's me. They all make their way to their seats. When Tyler sits down he wraps his right arm around my waist hugging me from the side, and I wrap my arm around his shouldar.

"Morning beautiful." Tyler says.

"Morning." I say, I can feel the heat on my cheeks.

The day goes by really fast, before I know it Cameron and I are home. Toby went to Noah's house because they had a project to work on.

I go to my room and change into comfy clothes.

I go into Cameron's room and see him at his desk working on homework.

"Hey, may I come in?" I ask before entering the room.

"Sure," he says not even bothering to look at me.

I walk over to his bed and sit on the edge and bring my feet up to sit criss cross.

"Are you okay? You've been quiet." I ask.

"I'm fine." He says still focusing on his homework.

"Are you sure because you've been very quiet? It seems as you're annoyed with me. Do you not want me here anymore?" I ask.

He huffs before answering, "No, you're fine. Well, I don't know."

"Please look at me." I say. He turns his spinning chair in my direction and looks at me. "What do you not know?" I ask.

"I guess you're part of the problem."

"What did I do!?" I ask raising my voice.

"You and fucking Tyler! That's the problem! You're so blind sighted by his looks and charm to relize he's a complete ass!" He yells at me.

"He is not an ass. He is nice and polite to me. And no I am not "blinde sighted by his looks and charm"! I like him for him." I say, using air quotes to what Cameron said before.

"You like him?" He questions with a hurtful facial expression.

"I-I don't know." I say.

"Yes you do! You know how you feel!" He says getting up and standing up to stand in front of me.

"I think I do. I'm not sure. I'd like to get to know him."I say standing up and walking towards the door but stop once I relize something, "Why the hell am I telling you this!?"

He walks over to me and says, "Because I asked."

I start to walk away before I'm pulled back by Cameron and pinned up to the wall.

"W-what are you d-oing?" I ask stuttering.

"Tell me you don't like me." I instructs.

"I-I don't-" before I could finish my sentence Cameron kisses me.

Cameron pins my hands above my head and kisses me harder.

"You want to finish that?" He asks breaking the kiss.

"I can't." I say and leave his room and go into my door closing and locking the door.

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