Chapter 39

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Bailey’s POV:

“So what happened again?” Chloe asks me as we walk down the school hallway.

“I can’t believe you don’t remember!” I'm pretty sure we consumed the same amount of alcohol that night but I remember mostly everything that had happened that night.

We stop in front of Chloe’s locker and she starts taking things out and putting things in. I think I might have a little fun with this.

“You did some crazy shit that night,” I lie to her.

“Really!? Like what!?”

“Well when we were at the strip club you started making out with one of the bartenders, he took us home after I got pulled onto the stage, and let’s say you didn’t get much sleep that night, and neither did I. You guys were crazy loud!”

Her jaw drops, “So, then how did we get home?”

“Well after you guys had your fun; you came out of his room and told me to take you home.”

“You’ve got to be shitting me! I did not have sex with anyone! Oh god. What if I'm pregnant!?” she whisper screams at me.

“Well Chloe, sorry to break it to you, but I am shitting you.” After I said that I got a death glare from Chloe and a punch at my arm.

“You bitch!”

“Hey, next time don’t take me somewhere where I didn’t agree to go to.”

“You know you had fun. So what really happened that night?”

“I just remember, me being pulled on stage getting a lap dance by male stripper ‘cops’ because you lied and said it was my birthday. When I got off we had a few more drinks, then I don’t remember what happened after that. But then you drove us back to your house, and surprisingly we got home safe. Then we woke up cuddling next to each other.” 

“Wow, we had a fun night! Wish I could’ve remembered it though,” she says as we start to walk to our first periods, “You’re a good cuddler, you’re very warm.”

“Awe thanks, you aren’t so bad yourself.” I said and winked at her.

“Well I guess I should get to my class considering it’s the farthest building from here!” Chloe says and starts walking away.

“Bye Chloe."

I turn the corner and start walking down the hallway where my class is. Suddenly I'm pulled out from the hallway with a hand covering my mouth.

The room is very dark. Someone shuts the door and turns the light on.

“What the hell Tyler!” Of course it would be Tyler. “What were you thinking!?”

“You wouldn’t answer my calls or texts and you’ve just been completely ignoring me!”

“What!? So, you drag me in a janitors closet?” I scream at him, then his hand connects with my mouth again.

“Will you stop screaming!? I just wanted to talk to you!”

I yank his hand off my mouth, “Really in a janitors closet!?” this time I whisper yell at him.

“Yes, you wouldn’t listen to me at all before. So I figured if I got you alone you’d talk to me or at least hear me out.”

“Fine. Talk to me. But don’t think this is going to change my mind.”

“Okay, I'm truly deeply sorry for what happened the night of my party. I just got so wasted I could barely think straight. I was just dancing and out of know where Veronica started dancing on me. I didn’t even realize it was her because her back was to my front. And I'm so sorry about what happened in my bedroom. I know I tried tagging advantage of you, I shouldn’t have. I'm such a fuck up. I had you in my life, you were making it so much better, then I had to mess it up, I'm so sorry.”

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