Chapter 7

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Bailey's POV:

As I exist the bathroom the blankets and food is all picked up. Cameron enters the room moments later. "I got everything picked up and put away. Do you want to go down stairs and eat some breakfast? Oh and you'll be able to meet the rest of my family too." He's so polite. Now that it's day light I can fully take in his appearance. His brown wavy hair sweeps over his forehead, he has very pretty brown eyes. He has a very nice tan skin tone and big biceps.

"Sure. I'd love to meet them. Do you have a brush I can borrow please?" I need to brush my hair, its knotting. I tried running my hands through it a few times, but I only made it worse.

"Yeah. I'll be right back." He smiled and left them room. Minutes later he comes back with a black brush and hands it to me.

"Thank you."

"Sure thing. I'll wait for you to be finished and we'll head down stairs."

"Okay." I walk inside the bathroom. And begin to brush my hair, bottom to top. I've learned thats easier to do. I clean out the brush and walk to Cameron where he his laying on the bed. "Here." I try handing it to him but he rejects it.

"You can keep it. I have other brushes to use." He says and smiles. Wow he has an amazing smile and perfect white teeth. Oh! That reminds me! I should brush my teeth! I walk over to my bag on the other side of the bed and pull out my tooth brush and tooth paste.

As we walk down the stairs I take my time and look at my surroundings. I was right last night. This was a very big stair case. There are a couple picture frames hanging on the wall as we walk down. I take my time and look at them. The first one is a family picture. One middle aged women and man, two kids, a boy and a girl, Cameron, and another boy who looks about Cameron's age, maybe a little older. The next picture frame is of the two little kids, Cameron, and the other teenage boy. He looks very attractive. The last picture frame is of the two middle aged people, I'm guessing that is his foster parents. I look down the stair case and find Cameron already at the bottom looking at me with an amused smile on his face."You coming?"

"Yeah just looking at the pictures." I smile back at him. He starts walking back up the steps to meet me. When he gets to me he looks down at my hand and grabs it.

"Here." He starts taking me back up the steps. We stop at the first picture frame. "This is my family. I've been with them since I was a baby. The boy in the picture is Toby. He's not a foster kid. After they had Toby they wanted another baby so he wouldn't be an only child. So a couple months after they had him they adopted me. Toby and I are both seventeen. Around when we nine Jessica, my foster mom got pregnant with Zach and Hayley. They're twins, and they are six years old. So when they got me they adopted me, so they are all really family to me. " We walk back down the steps and at the end Cameron lets go of my hand. "Well you're about to meet them. If you don't want to say anything it's okay, I can just do the talking." I just nod, I'm a little nervous to meet his family, I'm not sure why though. As we walk into the kitchen all eyes are on me.

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