Chapter 27

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Cameron’s POV:

I really need to talk to someone.

I got up off my bed, put my phone in my basketball short pockets and grabbed my truck keys.

“Hey, I'm going to Noah’s."

“I’ll come. Let me get ready.” Toby says getting out of bed.

“Okay, I’ll eat something while I wait.” I say and make my way down stairs.

I read the note on the counter and then go to the fridge. I get milk, and make my way to the pantry and get coco puffs and a bowl.

I sit at the table and eat my cereal in silence only hearing my crunching.

Fifteen minutes later Toby comes downstairs wearing white basketball shorts and a black t-shirt.

“Ready?” I ask.


Toby follows me to the garage and we get in my truck.

“Can you text Noah telling him we’re coming over?” I ask Toby.

“Sure.” He says.

“He says okay. And Brandon and Tyler are there.”

“Okay.” I really wish Tyler wasn’t going to be there.

I pull into Noah’s drive way and we walk up to his door and knock.

“Hey.” Noah opens the door and moves to the side to let us in.

“Hi.” Toby and I say at the same time.

“The boys are in the living room.” Noah says as he shuts the door.

All three of us make our way into the living room where Brandon and Tyler are playing Call of Duty.

“Hey Noah can I talk to you?” I ask him.

“Sure.” He says and we make our way upstairs.

We go into his bedroom and shut his door.

“What’s up?” he asks.

“So last night, Bailey, Chloe, Toby and I went swimming last night when we got home from the party.”

“Did you get Bailey pregnant!?” he asks yelling it.

“No, and keep your voice down!” I whisper yell at him. “Bailey and I and kissed."


“Yeah. But this morning she didn’t remember what we did. She asked what happened and I didn’t tell her we kissed. Cause like we live in the same house and she may be my foster sister and I don’t want it to be weird.”

“Hmm. I don’t know man. Tyler did tell me he might like her. But if she’s going to live with you it may be best that you don’t date.” He says.

“That fucker, he would like her!"

Bailey’s POV:

"My house?" she asks.


We finally arrive at Chloe's house.

"Wow your house is big." I say as we make our way to her backyard.

"Yeah, I know. It's just me, my parent's and brother." she says unlocking the gate.

We close the gate behind us.

She has a pool and  a sitting area with a fire place in the middle and the rest is grass.

"How old is Hunter?"I ask out of curiosity.

"Twenty. He has his own place, but visits occasionally.


"Yeah." she says.

She walks over to the sitting area and moves one of the cushions up and pulls out a key

"Found it!" she cheers.

We walk back to the front of her house and unlock the door.

"You should spend the night tonight." Chloe offers.

"That'd be fun." I say smiling.

"Do you want to invite the boys over?"

"I don't care. Whatever you want to do." I say smiling at her.

"Okay. Oh, I have clothes and things you can use so we don't have to go back to your house."

"Okay. When are we gonna ask the boys?" I ask.

"In like an hour. I want to hangout, just us, for a little bit."

"I agree. Let's watch a movie."

"Okay." she says.

I follow her into the living room and see an L-shaped couch and a big flatscreen on the wall.

"What movie?"

"I don't care, you pick."

"Have you seen Perks Of Being A Wallflower? "


"Okay, we're definitely watching it."

She pops the movie into her black x-box, and turns the TV on.

We sit on the couch and watch the movie.

Half way through Chloe breaks the silence,  "I'll text the boys to come over."

"Okay." I stay keeping my eyes locked on the screen. I love this movie.

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