Chapter 13

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Cameron’s POV:

“What’d you need?” She asked me.

“When my mom and dad were talking to me, they were asking me about you.” I told her and she frowned. “They’re going to let you stay for two weeks.” Her face brightens up. I'm happy they’re letting her stay.

“Really!? Oh my gosh! Thank you!” She says and jumps up and hugs me. I love holding her in my arms.

“Yeah. When I left they shut their door. And so I just listened through the door. And my mom said you guys are going to go shopping tomorrow.” I think it’ll be a good idea. She has been wearing some of my clothes, I don’t mind, she looks cute in them and all. But she needs clothes. Especially if she starts going to school with us. She can’t keep wearing her shirts with the holes in them, and my black v-necks.

“Oh yay! I love wearing your shirts and all but I need my own.” She laughs. I'm glad we’re on the same page.

“Do you want to go back and play the game or stay in here?” I ask her.

“We can go back in there and play if you want.” She smiles at me. I love her smile, it’s so cute. And she has nice white, straight teeth too.

“I don’t mind. Whatever you want to do.” I tell her.

“I want to go back in there and play so I can kick Toby’s butt!” We both laugh.

Bailey’s POV:

Cameron and I enter Toby’s room. He’s still playing Call of Duty, but is sitting at the head of the bed, with his back against the head board and legs stretched out.

“I see you came back to get your ass kicked.” He smirks, not taking his eyes off the screen.

“I think you mean I came back to kick your ass.” Cameron and I laugh.

“That’s cute. You think you’re going to win.”

“Awe. You’re afraid a girls going to beat you huh?” Cameron laughs.

“Not one bit.” Toby says.

I take a seat on the bean bag that’s still at the end of his bed, and Cameron sits right next to me, shoulder to shoulder. I like being this close to him. I feel safe.  

“Put me in the game so I can beat your ass!” I tell Toby, more like command.

“Jeez. Ms.Bossy.” He jokes. I through the closest pillow at him. “Hey there is no throwing things in my room.”

“To late.” I joke with him.

He finally puts me in the game and we begin.

Fifteen minutes into the game, Toby-34 kills, me- 26.

“You know this isn’t fair. I just learned how to play it not even thirty minutes ago.” I defend.

“No excuses for you bad playing.” Cameron laughs at him. I nudge him with my elbow playfully.

I see out of the corner of my eye, Cameron staring at me. He starts to lean in and I feel my cheeks heat up. I finally feel his breathe on my cheek, and he starts going by my ear, and whispers, “Here, give me the remote. I’ll play for you.”

I look back before whispering to Cameron to make sure Toby isn’t paying attention to us. He is paying full attention to the TV screen. “That’s cheating.”

“What he doesn’t know. Doesn’t count.” He whispers in my ear. I'm sitting close enough to Cameron that Toby won’t see that Cameron has the remote instead of me. I hand Cameron the remote. He just started playing and killed five people already.

“Here, the games almost over.” Cameron hands the remote back to me. He finally got it to where it was Toby-62, “me”-70.

Finally the game was over and yet Toby managed to kill eleven more people. Toby-73, me-71.

“Oh! And look who won!” Toby gloated.

“No need to gloat.” I tell Toby. I'm not mad that I lost. I'm just happy I'm spending time with them.

“Remember. We made a bet.” He smirked at me. Oh gosh.

“And what do I have to do then?”

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