Chapter 8

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Bailey's POV:

"Mom, Dad. This is Bailey." Cameron introduces me.

"Hi. It's nice to meet  you guys. " I say with a smile. His mom,  Jessica, is a bit shorter than Cameron,  probably 5'7. She has brown hair just like him, but blue eyes.  His dad, I'm not sure what his name is. He doesn't have brown hair, its more of a black color, but he is definitely taller then Cameron and his wife, probably 6'3.

"You to sweety." His mom says. "I made breakfast,  we should have enough to feed all of us."

"I don't know. With two growing teenage boys we might have to make more. " his dad jokes. We all luagh except for the twins. I look over at them at the table and they are sitting next to each other eating and coloring.

"Well lets eat, come on."Cameron's dad says gesturing for us to come in and make our plates. Their kitchen is really big. in the middle is a big island with a variety of food laying out. Around the island is the counters, cabinets, double doored fridge, sink, oven and stove. To the the left of the kitchen is a big dining table.

We walk to the table, plates in hand. I walk behind Cameron. We sit down on the side of the table by the wall. I sit my plate down first, then I go to pull my chair out. Although Cameron beat me to it. I sit down and he pushes it in for me.

"Thank you. " I'm not use to anyone being so polite to me.

"You're welcome." he says as he sits down. " Oh we need drinks. We have milk, orange juice, water, and lemonade."

"I'll just have some water please. " he gets up and returns minutes later with two cups. He gave me the one with water and he set his cup of orange juice down before he sits. Cameron's parents sit down at the table,  followed by Toby.  His dad sits at the head of the table which is two seats down from where Cameron and I are sitting.  Jessica is sitting om the first seat on the left side by her husband. And Toby sat right in front of me. Zach and Hayley already finished their breakfast and went upstairs, I'm assuming to play with their toys.

"So where are you from? Bailey is it?" Cameron's father asks me.

I finish chewing before answering. "Yes. And I'm from Arizona."

"I've never been to Arizona.  I've always wanting to see the Grand Canyon."

"I have actually haven't been there either. " I already almost finished the majority of my food. I only have very few eggs snd hashbrowns left. 

"Do you want more? " Cameron asks me.


"Do you want me to get it for you?"

"No, thank you though." he's so sweet.

When  I sit back down next to Cameron he gets up with his plate in hand. He returns with only hashbrowns on his plate. I put eggs and hashbrowns on my fork and into my mouth. That's the only way I'll eat eggs, is with hasbrowns. It's really yummy.

I feel something warm on my thigh. I look down and see Cameron's hand on my thigh. I look back up and at him. He doesn't look at me. I kinda don't want him to move it. When I look away I feel Cameron's eyes on me.

When I finish my food, I just sit there and listen to Toby and Cameron's father argue about sports teams. I have no clue what they're talking about.

"Enough of that. Cameron, can you help me take the plates into the kitchen?" Jessica asks Cameron.

"I can help if you'd like." I offer with a warm smile.

"I'd love that." Jessica is really nice. Cameron, Jessica, and I stand up and grab our plates, Jessica grabs her husbands, I really need to figure his name out, and Cameron grabs Toby's plate.

"Toby and I are going to go to the skate park soon. Do you want to come?" Cameron asks.

"Sure. I love to skate board." Whenever I wasn't "home" I was skateboarding. It got my mind off things. It was my escape.

"We have a few extra boards. You can pick yours."

"Okay. I'll just help Jessica with the kitchen and then I'll get changed."

"Oh. You don't have to help sweety."

"It's okay. I'd love to help clean."

"It's really nice to have another girl in the house. Espically one that helps cleans!" Jessica laughs and messes with Cameron's hair.

"Well I'm gonna go get ready. Toby!! Bailey's coming to the skate park with us!" Jessica smacks Cameron on the back of his hand and I laugh.

"Hey! What have I told you about yelling in this house! You walk your butt in there and tell him with your inside voice!" I laugh at Jessica. Cameron walks to the dining table and whispers," Toby! Bailey's going with us to the skate park!"

"He's such a stinker." Jessica jokes around. "Okay so I'll wash the dishes, I'll hand them to you and you put them into the dishwasher. Deal? And I'll take care of the rest."

"Sure." I say and smile at her.

"The skate park is just down the street. So you won't have to go far." Jessica assures me.

"Okay." I reply.

We finally finish the dishes and I start to walk upstairs. "Cameron?" I say when I get to the top. I'm still not familar with the set up of the house. I get no reply. I find a door that's cracked open. "Cameron?" I ask as I walk towards the cracked door. Music is playing so he probably can't hear me. I get to the door, and see a tan figure walk by. This is most likely Cameron's room. I knock on the door and slowly open it, "Cameron?" When I open the door I see the back of Toby.....Just in boxers! "Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry!" Toby turns around. He's in black Calvin Kleins. He's very tan and has a nice body. I put my hand over my eyes and attempt to leave the room, but fail. I run into the wall and fall. Before I hit the ground Toby catches me. And holds me close to the ground.

"Th-thanks." I try not to stutter but fail miserably at that to. Toby helps me back up so I'm standing. Right when I'm on my feet I walk quickly out of the room to find the guest bedroom. Wow. It's two doors down. I forgot that it was to the right, and Cameron's was literally right next to it. I walk in there and clothes the door. I walk into the bathroom, I look at my reflection. I'm still wearing Cameron's sweatpants and black shirt. I hear a knock on the door, "Bailey?" It's Cameron. I walk to the door and open it.

"Come in." I smile at Cameron. "Hey can i shower before we go to the skate park, please?"

"Sure. I'll go get you some towels." After he left I looked in the drawers I put my little set of clothes in. I only have 3 shirts counting the one I'm wearing, which isn't mine. I think I might just ask him if I can borrow one of his shirts, because all of mine have holes in them. I close the drawer and Cameron enters the room with towels in his hands.

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