Chapter 10

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Jessica’s POV:

When the kids left, I finished the rest of the kitchen, putting left over’s away. I walked into the dining room where Jeff, my husband was sitting reading the paper. I stood behind him and started rubbing his shoulders.

“We need to talk to Cameron tonight about Bailey. She seems like a sweet girl.”  I tell my husband.

“Yeah. How long is she going to be staying?”

“I'm not sure we’ll ask Cameron tonight.”

Bailey’s POV:

“You have a nice family.” I tell Cameron.

“They seem like they like you. Especially my mom considering you helped her clean the kitchen.” We both laughed. “We’re almost at the skate park.” We finally caught up to Toby. I notice they are both wearing tank tops. However, Cameron’s is white and Toby’s is black.

“Hey Toby. It’s after two already. Do you want to get something to eat?” Cameron asks Toby.

“Sure. You hungry Bailey?” Toby asks me.

“Yeah. I could eat.” I smile back at him. He’s very attractive, but Cameron is still attractive then him.

“Where do you want to go?” Cameron asks Toby.

“Sonic or Wendy’s.”

“Let’s go to Sonic.” Cameron says, “Do you like Sonic?” We are now on the street riding our skate boards.

“Yeah.” I've only been once. But it was good.

We ride up the side walk where Sonic is. Thank God it’s not busy, barely any people are here. We pick up our skate boards and sit at a table outside and order our food. Toby ordered chicken strips and tots with a Coke, Cameron ordered just French fries and a watermelon slushy, I got the same as Cameron except I got the cotton candy slushy. I sat next to Cameron, and Toby sat right across from me. The waiter brought our food out, and Cameron gave him the money due. We all start eating our food.

“So, Bailey. Why’d you come to California?” Oh gosh.

I finished chewing and replied, “For vacation.” I lied.

“Oh that’s cool. Did you come with family?” Wouldn’t I be with them if I were?

“No. I came by myself. I don’t really have a family anyways.” I have that warm feeling on my thigh again, I look down and see Cameron’s hand their once again. And yet again there’s that feeling in my tummy.

“Who’d you live with in Arizona then?”

“Toby” Cameron shot him a glare.

“It’s fine.” I whisper to Cameron. “I lived with my foster mom, and her kids.”

“Why didn’t they come with you?”Toby asked.

And here we go.

(I guess you can say I kinda left it as a cliff hanger. Thank you for all the reads! Please continue voting and commenting! And please follow my instagram:  @mattsbootie)

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