Chapter 25

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Bailey’s POV:

“We should probably get back to the pool.” I say and start to climb off Cameron, but I get pulled back on him.

“No. I like this much better.” He smiles and I laugh at him.

I start to climb off of him again. Instead of going to the pool I got really tired so I lied down with my legs on Cameron.

“I thought you wanted to go back to the pool.” He says and laughs.

“Yeah, then I got a little tired so I lied down.”

Cameron moves my legs off of him and he quickly hovers over me. An arm and knee on each side of me. “Maybe this position is better.” He tells me and smirks.

“I might to.” Cameron starts to lean down again and kisses me.

Our lips move in sync. I can feel him smiling throughout the kiss.

Cameron bites on my bottom lip, making a moan escape my mouth and Cameron lets out a small laugh.

Cameron starts to move down from my lips, to my jaw, to my neck. He leaves little love bites.

As much as I would love to keep doing this we should really get back. I push on Cameron’s chest a little so he would stop. “Cameron, let’s go back.”

He looks up at me meeting my eyes and puts out his bottom lip making a pouty face.

“Fine.” He huffs and gets off me.

Cameron reaches for my hands and helps me up.

We take the slide down. And walk towards the pool.

As we get closer to the pool we see Toby and Chloe sitting on the edge. Cameron picks me up bridal style and runs and jumps into the pool.

When my head pokes out Cameron’s does to.

“Asshole!” I call him.

“But I'm your asshole.” He laughs and pulls me close to his chest by my waist.

“Who says I'm yours?” I ask and smirk at him.

“We’ll talk tomorrow when you aren’t drunk.”


I’m woken up by the bright light coming in through the widow. I look around to see I'm not in my room. I'm in Cameron’s.

I look up to see Cameron still sleeping and I'm lying on his chest.

I sit up trying not to wake Cameron up.

As soon as I stand up I get a major headache. I look down at what I'm wearing and notice I'm wearing one of Cameron’s black t-shirts and sweatpants.

I make my way to my bedroom and go into my bathroom. I look terrible. My hair is all knotted up and make up all washed off.

I close my bedroom door and lock the closet door. I turn the shower on and start to undress.

After my shower I wrap a towel around my hair and body. I look through the medicine cabinet to try and find something to help my headache. I find some Advil and swallow a pill.

What happened last night?

I walk towards my dresser and pull a pair of matching bra and thong. I'm surprised Jessica let me get a thong.

I put my black California sweatshirt on, and black sophie's on.

I clean my ears and and brush my long brown hair.

I leave my room and notice Cameron's door is open do I walk in.

Cameron's POV:

I wake up and notice Bailey isn't in the room anymore.

After we went swimming I carried her inside to my room. She immediately fell on my bed and past out. I didnt want her to just sleeping in her bra and underwear so I put clothes on her.

I heard the shower in Bailey's room.

I went into my bathroom and showered too. I smelt like salt from our salt water pool.

When I got out Bailey's shower was already turned off. I wrapped the towel around my waste and shut my door.

I went to my dresser and took out Calvin Klein underwear, and put them on. Then black basketball shorts and a white t-shirt.

I brushed my hair out and cleaned my ears out with cotton swabs.

I opened my bedroom door and layed on my bed with back against the headboard and grabbed my phone.

I opened up twitter and looked at my feed. Mostly everything is about the party last night, and a couple pictures of last night. I clicked on Tyler's pofile a scrolled through his feed.

My heart droppped when I found a picture of Tyler and Bailey at the park. Kissing. Below the picture is of him holding her bridle style to my truck.

I can't believe it.

Fucking Tyler. Always has to have the girls.

I look up and see Bailey is in my doorway.

"Hey." she says and smiles.


"Can I come in?" She asks.

"Sure." I say and lock my phone and set it on my right thigh. Bailey sits beside me cross legged and turns so shes facing me.

"What happened last night?"

Should I tell her we kissed?

"We were at the party last night. At one point you left with Tyler to the park and I guess you guys kissed."

"Oh." she says and scratches her neck. "Did anything else happen?"

"Nope. Just when we got back we went swimming then to be."

Like I've said before I don't think her and I would work out. 

"Okay, we'll thanks for telling me. Is Chloe still here?"

"Yeah, I'm not sure if she's up yet." I tell her.

"Okay thanks again. And for being honest about it." she says and I instantly feel guilty.

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