Chapter 32

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Bailey's Pov:

"I don't like this! I'm going to fall on my ass!" I yell at Chloe while using her to keep me up.

"Don't be a whimp. It's just roller skating." Chloe simply says.

"I've never been before!" I say while holding onto the railing, until Chloe grabs my arm and pulls me out into the skating rink again.

I nearly fall, but something stops me. Two arms wrap around my waist.

"You never texted or called me." A deep voice says in my ear.

I look to see who it was. My nerves settled when I found out it was Hunter.

"I forgot. I'm so sorry." I almost forgot Chloe and I had hid his number in one of the menus.

He moves to my side, putting his arm behind my back just in case if I fall.

"I think I lost it."

"Here, I'll give it to you. What's your number?"

I tell Hunter my number, and soon my phone vibrates.

Hunter had texted me. I saved his number.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Chloe asks appearing next to me.

"I came with some friends." He shrugs.

"Whatever.  I'm hungry."

We decide to leave and get something to eat with Hunter. We pull into Dairy Queen. When we get inside we see Tyler, Brandon and Noah sitting with two other girls I haven't seen before.

By the Tyler's facial expression he doesn't seem very interested into the girls.

They're pretty though. One of the girls has long brown wavy hair that covers half of her back, and has dark blue eyes. The other girl is a red head, her hair is straight just below her shoulder, and light blue eyes.

All of them are seated at a table in the back corner.

There are only a few people in here throughout the place, considering it's 10:45pm.

We start to walk towards their table and they finally take notice of us.

"Hey!" All the boys say.

"Hi." I say and hear Chloe and Hunter say hello.

"Take a seat! We were about to get food." Noah tells us.

I take the seat to the left of Tyler which is across from the brunette. She looks pretty nice.

"This is Veronica," Tyler says pointing to the brunette, "And this is Ashley," he says pointing to the red head. I small wave to the both of them.

They both smile, and say hey.

"And this is Bailey." Tyler says introducing me to the girls.


"Well. I'm hungry." Noah says getting up.

"Me to," I say.

"So who wants what?" Tyler asks standing, "But of course you guys are paying for your own things."

Everybody tells Noah and Tyler what they want, and so do I.

The boys come back and Noah says, "Okay it'll be ready in five minutes, pay up."

The two girls fish in their purse for money and hand it to the boys. Hunter pays for him and Chloe. I however don't have any money.

Tyler comes by me and leans in towards my ear and says, "Don't worry I'll pay for you."

"Thank you." I say as he pulls away.

My phone vibrates so I pull it out of my back pocket.

From Chloe:

What was that about? ;)

To Chloe:

He said he was just paying for my food. Not a big deal. Lol

I put my phone away and look to my left side to where Chloe is sitting and she's already looking at me smiling.

I laugh at her and shake my head.

The boys come to the table with two trays in each hand.

I ordered a M&M blizzard and a large fry. I take my food off the tray and put it on front of me.

Everybody takes their food and starts to dig in. All of us girls didn't get much to eat, however the boys each got two hamburgers, large fries and a drink.

"Where did you guys come from?" Tyler asks.

"We just went roller skating." I told him.

"Yeah and found out that Bailey sucks ass at skating." Chloe says making everybody laugh except Ashley and Veronica.

"In my defense I've never been before."

"Wow." Tyler says nudging my arm.

"Shut up."

"Make me." He says.

I look at him wide eyed with a smile at my face because I know what he was hinting towards.

He starts to lean in and goes to my ear and whispers, "Maybe you can make me later."

"You wish." I tease him.

"You bet I do." He says.

"Okay can you to love birds shut the hell up." Brandon says.

"Ladies would you like to go to the restroom with us?" Veronica asks as her and Ashley start to get up.

I look at Chloe and she starts to stand, "Sure."

I follow after them towards the bathroom. We enter in and the girls go straight towards the mirror and fix their hair and lipstick. I however, just stand there watching them and waiting.

"Okay, I'm going back." Ashley says and starts to walk towards the door.

"I'll come." Chloe says and they both exit the door, leaving Veronica and I.

"So how long have you known Tyler?" Veronica asks, putting lipstick on.

"Since the beginning of school." I told her.

"Nice, well if just in case you didn't know. Stay the hell away from Tyler, he's mine. He will never like you. You're a nobody." She tells me.

"Excuse me?" I ask.

"You heard me. He will never like you. You're a nobody. He is mine." She says walking towards me.

"Number one, I could give a fuckless of what you think of my. He is not yours. Is he your boyfriend? I think not. So until that happens, which never will, you can shut the fuck up." I tell her. She looks at me in shock.

I open the door and walk out towards our table leaving her in shock.

Who does she think she is telling me this when I just met her.

"I'm going outside to get some air." I tell the table. Luckily I have finished most of my food and I filled my tummy to the point where I'm not stuffed but not hungry.

I walk outside. Thank God I'm wearing a jacket and jeans and shoes, if not then I'd be freezing. I start walking until I hear the door open. I look and see its Chloe.

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