Chapter 15

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Bailey’s POV:

I open my eyes and notice I'm in Cameron’s room. My head is on his chest and my right arm is wrapped around his waste. I look up at him and he’s still sleeping.

“Cameron. Hey. Cameron. Wake up.” I whisper to Cameron while shaking him a little bit. He opens up his eyes and looks down at me and smiles.

“Morning.” He tells me.

“Good morning.” I respond. I start sitting up and Cameron follows my actions.

“Are you okay from last night?” Cameron asks me. It comes back to me. I had a nightmare last night.

“Yeah” I reply, “My dream last night. Or I mean nightmare was, my foster mom. She- she was beating me again. I thought I was back at that house. Back to normal. And the beating. It wouldn’t stop. She wouldn’t stop.”  I look at Cameron and he’s already looking at me.

“I'm-I'm sorry Bailey.” He says and hugs me. I feel safe with him. I like being in his arms.

“Well. Should we go down for breakfast?” I stop hugging him and look over at his clock by his bed. “It’s already 10:32.”

“Sure if you want.” I get up out of his bed and notice I'm in his boxers.

“Can I wear a pair of your sweatpants? Cause I think it’d be weird going down in your boxers.” I laugh.

“Sure. But I think you look cute in them.” He says. I look down so he doesn’t see me smile and blush. Yet again I have that feeling in my tummy.


"Good morning guys." Jessica says as we walk into the kitchen.

"Morning." Cameron and I say at the same time. We look at each other and laugh.

"I was thinking we could go shopping today and get you some new clothes so you aren't wearing Cameron's all the time." she tells me.

"Sure. I'd love to. I have like $50 in my bag I can use." I didn't want to have her pay for me.

"You keep the money sweetie. We want to buy you clothes."

"Are you sure?" I feel bad.

"We're positive."


Jessica and I left the house to go shopping. We got in a black range rover and pulled out of the garage. Before we left I changed into my shorts and used one of Cameron's black shirts I've worn before.

Thirty minutes later we arrive at the mall.

"So I figure we can do a little shopping then eat lunch and shop a little more." she tells me as we start walking into the mall.

"Sounds good to me."

We walked into a store called Wet Seal. Jessica and I stay together as we look for clothing. She's picking out a lot of cute clothes and already has a bunch hanging over her left forarm. I only have three shirts; a black one with a white bow on it, a pink long sleeve with a white heart on it, and a red flannel. As I look more I found a black dress with pink floral print on it. I never actually wore dresses before, nows a good time to change.

"Alright. You wanna go try these on?" she gestures towards the load of clothes on her forearm.

"Sure." we walk to the back and find the fitting rooms. We walk in and hang all of the shirts and dresses. And Jessica lays a few skirts on the chair. This may take a while.

As she walks out of the door she says,  "Once you put them on, come out so I can see."

"Okay. " I smiled at her and closed the door.

The first thing I picked up was a black and white cheveron maxi skirt. I take my shorts, t-shirt, and shoes off. I slide the skirt on. It's perfect height for me. I look through my shirts and find a mint green shirt that ties in the front and put it on.

I look at myself in the mirror.  This is really cute. I open the door and walk out.

Jessica gasps, "Oh my gosh that's so cute. We're getting that."

"Thanks.  I like it to." I say truthfully. Jessica gets up and starts walking.

"I'll be back. I'm going to get you some tank tops. Looks like I'm really  good at guessing your size."

"Okay. " And with that she left the dressing room and walked into the room and undressed. I unzipped the side of the black dress with floral on it. Thank God the zipper is on the side. It looks really cute. Its tight on at the top and at the mid waste its loose.

When I walk out Jessica walks in with a black and white tank top in hand. "That's gorgeous."

"Thanks." I tell her and grab the tank tops from her hands.

We finish shopping and I bought literally everything we picked out and I tried on. Our hands are full with shopping bags.

"Are you hungry?" She asks me.

"Starving!" I respond.  She laughs.

"Okay well there's Panda, Chic-fila, McDonalds, and Dairy queen."

"I'll just get something from McDonald's. " I tell her.

"Okay. I'll get something there too." We start walking that way. There's onky a few people in line.

While they prepare our food we walk over to a table and set all of my bags down.

"You can stay here and guard the table while  I'll get our food." Jessica tells me and smiles.

"Okay." I return a smile and she walks to McDonalds.

Minutes later returning with food.

"Okay. So I talked to Jeff last night. We agreed that you can stay for two weeks. At the end of two weeks we will decide what we're going to do. We don't want you to go back with your foster house. So we'll make sure you wont go back there."

she informs me.

"Thank you so much!" I'm so happy they're letting me stay!

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