Chapter 49

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Bailey’s POV:

“Does it hurt?”

“Kind of.”

Cameron is laying in the hospital while the doctor stitches up his heel.

“Oh, ow.”

“Please stay still.” The doctor says politely.


Cameron says and looks at me.

“Do you need to hold my hand Cammy?” Nash asks and extends his hand out.

Cameron grabs Nash’s hand and kisses the top.

“You guys are weird.”

“You’re just jelly cause you want my Cammy to kiss you.” Nash says smiling at me.

“Whatever you say.” I say and laugh.

“How many stitches is he going to have?”

“Thirteen. I'm actually almost done.” The doctor says still stitching his heel up.

Cameron’s heel is disgusting. Every time I look at it I feel like I'm going to throw up.


After Cameron’s got his stitches, he had been wheeled out of the hospital and placed by the entrance.

When Jessica and Jeff arrived, Matt, and Abby took Nash back to his house.

Right now we’re all on our way to the store to get Cameron his pain medication and to buy his pain medication.

“Does it hurt?” Hayley asks, examining his wrapped foot.

“Kind of.”

“What does it look like?” Zach asked.

“Right now, my heel looks just like my foot has been sowed together.”

“That’s gross!” Zach and Hayley say.

“Was it bleeding a lot?”Hayley asks.


“What’d you do to it?” Zach asks.

“He wasn’t using his head!” Toby said.

“I didn’t know the tin can was behind me!” Cameron said laughing. “I stepped on a tin can and it cut it open.”

“Ewww!” Hayley and Zach said.

“We’re here.” Jeff said pulling into a parking spot.

“We have to grab a few things for the party soon.” Jessica says to Jeff as we begin to walk into the store.

“What party?” Cameron asked.

“The twins birthdays are next week.”

“Oh yeah!”


Cameron’s POV:

Once I got my crutches, they were a little bit uncomfortable. But the more I use them I get use to it.

Bailey thought it’d be a good idea to put the small Pillow Pets, where my armpits go.

I didn’t want to at first, but when my mom and Hayley chimed in and they insisted I get them.

So now, I have a green turtle under one arm, and a penguin on the other.

One perk of not being able to walk on my foot, is I get out of helping around the house, and setting up the party for Hayley and Zach.

My parents have been running around every where trying to get everything for the party.

I had gotten their presents a while back, so I didn’t have to worry about doing last minute shopping, unlike Toby.

Bailey didn’t know when they twins birthday was, until the day I had gotten my foot cut up. So she had gone out with Toby to get them a present.

Parts of my Dad’s and Mom’s family have been started to arrive to the house.

“Cameron can you please go get dressed!” my mom yelled at me from the kitchen. “And take a shower!”

I started to hop up the stairs, with my crutches in the other hand.

I've probably only taken two or three showers since the accident, because it was too big of a struggle to take one.

Once I finally get into my room, I shut the door and lock it.

I prepare my shower and start stripping off my clothes, and wrap my injured foot in a bag.

Bailey’s POV:

While Toby and I were out shopping for a present for the twins, we had gotten a call from Jessica asking if we could pick up the cake from the store.

Luckily, the cake they had ordered was from Wal-Mart and we were buying their present at Wal-Mart.

“What do you think we should buy them?” I ask Toby as we walk down the toy aisle.

“I don’t know.”

“You should know!” I playfully slapped his arm.

“Well you’re a girl! You pick Hayley’s, and I’ll pick Zach’s.”

“Deal. But aren’t they turning seven?”

“Yeah.” Toby says.

“Why would we get them a toy?”

“Cause they’re still kids!”

“We are not getting them toys; they’re growing up and out of that stage.” I say and cross my arms over my chest.

“Fine, what should we get them?”

“How about some candy and a big Pillow Pet!”

“Fine with me!”

After Toby and I got the twins their presents, we got the cake and paid for everything.

We put everything in the truck and made our way back home.

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