Chapter 53

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Bailey’s POV:

“It’s so beautiful!” I say, looking out of the window.

We had rented a vehicle, so we can make our way around Hawaii on our own.

The plane ride was around five hours, but it felt like time passed by.

Cameron sat to my right, as I got the window seat.

We listened to music, played apps on our phones, slept, or just talked.

I had been texting Chloe for a little bit, but not long because the messages would take forever to receive or send.

I had told her Cameron and I have gotten closer, but didn’t go into too much detail, because I wanted to tell her in person.

We pulled into the drive way and got out of the vehicle.

I made my way to the trunk, where Toby was starting to take all of our bags out.

We all got out bags and rolled them up to the front door. However, Toby had Cameron’s bag, because Cameron was still using his crutches.

Jeff unlocked the house and we all made our way in.

“We’ll go grocery shopping before dinner time, so we can make something.” Jeff says, finding his way around the house.

“Kids rooms are upstairs.” Jessica says, “Parents downstairs.”

“Okay.” I say, smiling and making my way upstairs.

“You can pick your rooms, but Toby; make sure the twins get the smaller room.”

“Okay!” He says, carrying their bags upstairs.


We had all got in our rooms,  of course the twins shared, so did Toby and Cameron.  And I had a room to myself.

However, we all share a bathroom. That should be interesting.

In my room I had a queen sized bed, a dresser, and a small closet.

Luckily, theres a long mirror on the wall, so I could do my hair in here.

Once Jeff and Jessica were finished unpacking, they asked all of us of we want anything at the store.

"I'm okay, thank you." I smiled, placing my luggage in the closet.

"Okay, we'll be back in an hour or so, are you sure you guys will be okay?" Jessica asked.

"Yeah! I'll make sure the boys won't do anything stupid, and the twins will be good."

"Alright! And, oh, if you want you guys can take the twins down to the beach. There should be a key to the house on the counter, in the kitchen, so you can lock up. And if you do go to the beach,  do let them go to far in the water."

"I'll make sure they're safe." I smiled at her again, and get off the bed.

She thanked me, walking towards me and engulfing me in a hug. "Love you."

"Love you too." I hugged her back.

Jessica then left my room.


"I'm going down to the beach!" I heard Toby start walking down the hall, and into my room. "Wanna come?"

"Yeah! I'll change, you can head down there."

"Alright, Zach and Hayley are coming too."

"Is Cameron not?" I asked.

"He's still unpacking." He laughed, "I'm telling you, that boy brings loads of clothes on our vacations!"

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