Chapter 9

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Bailey’s POV:

After Cameron left I locked the door and went into the bathroom. I walked into the shower and turned it on to let it warm up. It was one of those showers where there isn’t a curtain or door, you just walk inside. But there is a wall covering the majority of the shower area. I step out of the shower and start undressing. I first take the sweatpants off then the shirt followed my bra and underwear. That reminds me I need to find a store and get another bra and a couple more underwear.

I finished my shower and put my shorts and Cameron’s black shirt on for now. I need to ask him if I can wear something of his.  I brush my hair with the brush Cameron gave me.  I just twisted apart of my hair on the right side and pinned it back with two bobby pins. I hung up my body and hair towel.

I leave the room and go find Cameron. I first look in his room. I'm positive this is his room. It’s open so I knock on the open door, “Cameron?” I look in and there he is lying on his bed with his phone in hand. He gets up off the bed and grabs his skateboard from the corner of his room.

“You ready?”


“You’re still wearing the shirt I gave you?” He smiled.

“Yeah. Sorry. I can give it back to you if you’d like, I only have 3 shirts with me and they all have holes in them.”

“It’s fine. You look cute wearing my shirt. If you want you can use a clean one.”


“Come here.” I follow Cameron into a door, which I'm assuming it’s a closet. When we get inside it looked very familiar. Oh my gosh. This is the closet I have in my room. But it has clothes in it now?

“Do we share this closet?”

“Yeah. While you were in the shower I hung up some of my clothes.” Did he see me shower? “Don’t wont I didn’t look in while you were showering.” Well that’s a relief. “You can look through my shirts.” And with that I walk in front of the set of shirts hanging up. Wow he has a lot. I start thumbing through and find a white shirt. I pick it up and realize it’s see through and I put it back. I just pick out another black v-neck.

“I’ll just wear this.”

“Fine with me.” He says and smiles at me.

“I'm gonna go change.”

“Okay. When you’re finished just come in my room.”

“Okay.” I smile at him and open the other door in the closet and walk into my bathroom and shut the closet door. I take his black shirt off and pull his new black v-neck on. It’s a little big so I look through the drawers under the sink. Luckily I found a load of pony tails. I put one on my wrist in case I want to put my hair up at the skate park. And I take another one out for my shirt. I grab part of the shirt on the side and put it in a pony tail and tuck it under. Some of my tummy is showing but that’s okay. I've learned to be comfortable with my body. I finally got to a certain weight where I was comfortable with. I have a flat tummy, but I have wide hips. In Arizona, when I would go to school I got made fun of for being “fat”. Now that I look back at myself, I wasn’t fat I just had big hips.

I walk through the closet to meet Cameron. “I’m ready.”  When Cameron looks up at me his jaw drops, and eyes go wide. “What? Should I change?”

“N-no. Y-you look g-good.” He stutters and his cheeks go a shade of red. “L-lets go.”

“Okay.” I say and smile.  He walks out of the room and I follow. We walk into the room where I encountered Toby. Just in underwear. “I’ll just wait out here.”

“Alright.” Cameron walks into his room. “Hey were ready to go. Are you?”

“Yeah. Let’s go.”

As we walk down the stairs I follow behind Cameron. “Mom! We’re leaving!”

“Okay sweetie. Hey. Here’s $30 for lunch.” I didn’t realize it was already lunchtime. “Stay with Bailey at all times please.” She smiles and rubs my shoulder.

“Will do mom. I won’t let her out of my sight.” Cameron said. And with that we head for their garage. I picked out a skate board that had pink on the bottom and we left. Toby already took off without us.

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