Chapter 24

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Bailey’s POV:

“Cameron there’s no need to be Mr. Grumpy pants.” I tell him as I hit the end of his nose with my index finger.

All I get from him is a laugh.

“Cameron.” I whine.

“What?” he asks in a calm voice.

“You don’t need to be mad!”

“I'm not mad.”

“Okay.” I say, “When we get home we should go swimming!” I shout!

“Yes! Please! Please! Please!” Chloe begs Toby while shaking his cheeks with her hands.

“Fine!” Toby says.

“Cameron? Will you pretty please with a cherry on top and go swimming with us?” I beg.

“I guess. But you guys don’t have anything to swim in.”

“Bra and panties.” I say.

He doesn’t say anything and just grips the steering wheel.

“You up to swim in bra and panties Chloe?”

“Yes!” she shouts.

“Are you okay if we do that Toby?” I ask.

“Yeah, it’s just like you’re in a bikini so I don’t see the big deal.”

“Hear that Cameron, just like we’re in a bikini.” I say and poke his cheek.

“Fine.”  He finally agrees.

We pull up into the drive way, open the garage, and pull inside. Chloe gets out then Toby. So I get out on Cameron’s side.

We walk inside being welcomed to darkness. Toby and Cameron turn on a few lights and when make our way upstairs.

“We’ll change and meet you guys downstairs.” Toby tells us.

“Okay!” I say and shut the door after Chloe gets inside.

We start to undress. I walk over to my dresser and open my top drawer filled with my bra and panties. I grab a black bra with lace on the cups. I take my bandoo off and put my black bra on.

“You have nice boobies!” Chloe says.

“I know.” I say and smirk at her. I take two black sophies out and throw one at Chloe.

We slide the shorts on. And open the bedroom door and head downstairs.

Chloe and I go into the kitchen and look in the fridge.

"I'm so hungry!" she whisper yells.

"Oh my gosh! Me to!" I whisper yell at her back. "Hmmmm. How about we look in the pantry!"

"Yes!" We agree and walk over to the two doors against the wall, and open it. There shelves are filled with food.

"Oh my gosh! Goldfish! Have you had these before!? They're so good!" I continue to whiper to her.

"Oh my G yes. I have!"

I grab the box and take it to the table. Chloe sits beside me and dumps the whole box on the table. All I do is bust out laughing.

I shove three goldfishs in my mouth each time.

"Found them." Cameron says. Chloe and I turn around with our mouths filled with goldfish.

"Hi." she says barely audioble.

"Oh my gosh. They're so drunk." Toby says and laughs.

"Goldfish are yummy!" I whisper yell.

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