Chapter 16

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Fast forwarding to Sunday night the day before school starts.

Toby's POV:

It's been about two weeks since Bailey has been living with us. I love having her here. We've gotten really close to each other. One night I heard her screaming in her room. I ran in there and she was having a nightmare. I woke her up and took her to my room and we slept in the same bed and cuddled. She was really cute when she was sleeping. The following morning when she woke up she told me the real reason why she left.

Tomorrow we start school. My parent already enrolled her in school. We get our schedules when we get to school, I hope I get some classes and lunch with her.

Bailey's POV:

Tomorrow we have school. I'm really nervous. I hope people will like me. I hope I get some classes with Cameron or Toby and lunch with them. I'm so nervous. I'm going to have a panic attack. I was looking through mine and Cameron's closet until I heard a knock on the other door. Jessica was standing in the door way.

"How you doing sweetie?" She asked.

"Nervous for school. I'm trying to figure out what to wear." I responded while looking through my clothes. She walked over and started thumbing through the load of clothes hanging on hangers.

"Here, I like this." She said while holding up the black dress with pink floral on it.

"That's perfect. What shoes?" She hands me the dress and walks over to the wall with the many shelves with shoe on them. Most are mine and very few are Cameron's. She takes a pair of black Toms off the wall.

"This will look good with it."

"Thank you so much. You've been a big help. Really. With everything." I motion to all the clothes and room. "Thank you." I tell her and embrace her.

"Anything for you sweetie. I'm so glad you found Cameron and came into our lives." She says and breaks from the hug. I put the dress back on the rack thingy, and set the Toms underneath on the floor. "I talked to your girl that decides where you live. She said she'll talk to your foster mom. But you're perfectly fine with staying here."

"Oh my gosh!? Are you serious!!? Thank you!" I hug her tightly and she hugs me back. "I can't believe it! Oh my gosh! Thank you!"

"You're welcome. Tonight we're going out and getting a few supplies and backpacks for school. You're welcome to join us."

"Sure. I'd love to come."

*At school*

Cameron, Toby, and I picked up our schedules. I have two classes with Cameron, three with Toby, and lunch with both of them.

Period 1: English

Period 2: Ceramics

Period 3: Biology

Period 4: Medical Foundations

Period 5: Algebra

Period 6: Lunch

Period 7: P.E.

Thank God I have P.E. last hour. I have periods 1, 2, and 5 with Toby. With Cameron I have period 2 and 5.

We are all walking together to our lockers. Cameron's locker is in the next hall. He separates from us and says, "See you in ceramics!"

Toby and I said bye and walked to our lockers. Surprisingly they are right next to each other. We open our lockers and put things inside. I didn't have much because we don't even have all of our supplies yet.

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