Chapter 52

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Bailey's POV:

We have two days until we leave for Hawaii. I've asked each one of my teachers previously if I have any homework that I'll be missing.

I've stayed after school, finishing the homework I would've been missing. 

In ceramics, they would be starting a new project the day we leave. The teacher told me to finish our current project, and I can stay after school when I get back to get caught up.

Since I have Cameron in that class, we will be staying after together.

The boys also have been staying after to finish the homework they would be missing.

They tried skipping it and going straight home several times, but I had snuck in Cameron's backpack to get the keys.

"How do you keep on getting my damn keys!?"

"I take them when you aren't paying attention."  I shrug and smile. "Maybe you shouldn't leave them in your bag."

"I'll keep that in mind."  He mutters.

"Do you guys need to get any homework from other classes?" I ask Cam and Toby.

"No, I'm all caught up."  Toby said.

"Me too." Cam said, adjusting his backpack on his shoulder.

"Then we can go home today!" I said smiling and giving his keys back.

"Yaasss!" Toby said, running to the truck.


“You guys are home early.” Cameron said to Jessica and Jeff as we entered the house.

They were both sitting on the watching TV, with Hayley and Zach.

“Yeah, we have work off until we get back from vacation. We needed to make sure everything will be okay here, and we have all our bags packed and other things.” Jeff said smiling at us.

“You guys are home early too. Did you guys get all your work done?” Jessica asked.

“Yeah, we talked to all of our teachers too. They said if we need to, we can stay after when we get back, too.” Cameron said, starting to hop up the stairs.

“Start making a list of the things you will need! You can bring a carryon bag as well.” Jessica said, as we were more than half way up the stairs.

“Okay!” we all yell back.

“Bailey! I have some luggage you can borrow! I set it in your room!”Jessica yelled from the bottom of the stairs.

“Okay! Thank you!”

I get into my room, and sure enough pink luggage is sitting at the end of my bed.

I set my backpack down on the bed and pull out a notebook and a pen.

I start to make a list of things I will need for the trip.

Clothes, bathing suit, sunglasses, pillow, hair supplies, shower necessities and tampons.

I'm so lucky that I'm on my period.

But thankfully, I've been on it for two days already, and my periods are usually light and short. It should be over tomorrow or the day after that.

"Will the luggage good?" Jessica says, as she appears in my doorway.

"Yeah, they'll be good. We're packing for five days right?" I ask.

"Yeah." She says, smiling.

"Okay! I'm so excited for this trip! Are we staying in a hotel?"

"No, we're going to be renting a beach house."

"Oh fun!"

"Yeah! The house is a little bit away from the beach, but thats okay. Just have to walk through some grasa and sand." She says, smiling.

"Have you been to the beach house before?"

"Jeff and I have before, but the kids haven't. It's beautiful. The kitchen is amazing, and it'll be nice to have so we won't have to eat out. There are four bedrooms, it's a two story by the way."

"Sounds amazing!"

"It really is! We're going to go snorkeling, swimming with the dolphins, we aren't sure what else but we'll see!"

"I can't wait!"

"Me either! Well, I should go start to help the twins get packed."


When Jessica left my room, I shut the door and plugged my phone into my stereo and started playing music.

I pulled the luggage up onto my bed and zipped it open.

I started pulling things out of my dresser and started packing.

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