Chapter 28

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This chapter is going to have two parts to it so...


Bailey’s POV:

“Noah, Tyler, Brandon, Toby and Cameron are on their way.” Chloe informs me.

“Okay.” I say as I continue you to keep my eyes locked on the screen. “Hey, are you and Toby a thing?” I ask her.

“Uhm, I’d like to think so.” She says smiling.

“I think he likes you.”

“You think so? ” She asks, as her smile grows bigger.

“Yeah, hey you never know if he comes over here you guys might get closer.” I say winking at her.

“Shut up!” she said throwing a pillow at me.

I go to throw one at her but we were interrupted by a knock on the door.

“I’ll get it.” Chloe says and gets up, when she walks away I throw a pillow at her and hit her back. “Whore!” she screams.

“But I'm your whore!” I scream back.

“Who’s a whore?” I hear a male voice ask.

“Bailey.” Chloe said.

“Just the way Tyler likes them.” I can determine his voice, Brandon.

“Shut up asshole, I don’t like whores.” Tyler says as he walks into the living room.

“Hey.” I said greeting them all as they come in.

“Bailey!” they all shout and dog pile me.

“Get the hell off me! You guys weigh a ton!” I yell at them trying to push them off.

They get off one by one, well except Cameron. He’s already sitting at the end of the couch watching the TV.

I'm on the short part of the couch in the middle, facing the TV. Tyler sits on my left and Noah sits on my right. Then its Brandon, Chloe, Toby and Cameron.

“Why are we watching this?” Brandon huffs and complains.

“Because us GIRLS wanting to watch it.” I said emphasizing the girls.

“Hey we can leave if you “girls” want to watch this gay movie.” Noah says starting to get off the couch. Before he can fully stand up I grab his arm and pull him down.

“We can watch something else! Bailey shut the hell up!” Chloe says smiling.

“I'm hungry.” Brandon said getting up from the couch and into the kitchen.

“I don't want to watch movies,” Tyler says, “Let’s go swimming!”

“Yeah!” Noah and Toby yell.

“Swimming it is then. You boys can borrow some of my brothers swimming trunks.” Chloe says getting off the couch. “His rooms upstairs and so is mine, Bailey you can borrow one of my bikini’s.”

“Okay.” I say and we all get off the couch.

Cameron’s POV:

I’d rather not stay and watch Tyler flirt with Bailey.

“Hey I'm just going to go home. I'm tired.” I say getting off the couch.

“Really? Are you sure?” Noah asks.

“Yeah, see ya later. Toby I'm taking the truck, so someone can take you home or you can stay. Just text me your plans.” I tell Toby.

“Okay. Bye, love you.” Toby says.

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