Chapter 3

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Bailey's POV:

We start to pull into the bus station. As we come to a stop the bus driver yells, "Alright everybody. Get off the bus." Cameron gets up first adn steps back, I'm assuming because he wants to wait for me. I stand up, grab my backpack off the floor and start to walk out towards the aisle. Cameron and I are the last to get off the bus. When we get off they're suit cases spread out on the ground. "I'll be right back." Cameron says as he starts walking towards all of the suit cases. I look at my surroundings, to find not many people here. I wonder what time it is? I look around more, I finally find a digital clock above the window where people can buy their tickets. It is 11:22pm. I look back to find Cameron walking towards me, while rolling a small blue suit case.

"Are you ready?"

"Yep." I reply and we start walking."Are we getting picked up or are we taking a cab?"

"We're driving. My truck is in the parking lot."

"Oh okay." Is all I manage to say. We start walking towards the parking lot I assume.

I was right. Although when we get there, there is only 6 cars. We start walking towards and old pick up truck. "This baby....Is mine." he claims.

"Its really nice. I've always wanting to get one." Its an old blue Ford pickup truck. "It's a 86' Ford pickup truck." I was right. I go to open the passenger door but Cameron already beat me to it. "My lady." He says while geasturing for me to get into the truck. I get inside and set my bag on the floor in between my feet. Cameron shuts the door and walks to the side of the truck and sets his suit case in the bed of the truck. He gets on the tire and hops in the bed of the truck and hops off on the other side of the truck. He opens the door and gets in, he shuts the door and puts the keys in the ignition.

I'm not gonna lie, but I'm a little nervous going to a strangers home, but I'm kind of use to moving house to house with strangers. Although the thought of being there with Cameron settles my nerves.

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