Chapter 38

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Bailey’s POV:

It’s been two weeks since the party. Tyler has tried calling and texting me several times. I've been doing my best and ignoring him. I have my mind set.

I'm done with Tyler.

He was dirty dancing with Veronica, and he tried having sex with me unwillingly.

During first period, since I sat by him there I asked to move my seat. The teacher didn’t bother asking why, so I didn’t have to make up an excuse.

Cameron and I have been hanging out a lot more and getting much closer. We would occasionally go out on walks or playing videos games or watching movies. During those times we would just talk about ourselves; what we liked, what we disliked, most of the time just random things.

He would tell me small things about himself that would make me laugh. Like when he brushes his teeth, he sings the alphabet twice.

The other times I would be helping Jessica in the kitchen baking all kinds of sweets, homework, hanging out with Chloe and going shopping.

“Hey!” Chloe says right when I answer my phone.

“Hey,” I said in a not very happy tone.

“Well you sound excited!”

“Make me laugh!” I tell her.

“Knock knock,” she begins her knock knock joke.

“Who’s there?”


“Daisy who?” I ask.

“Daisy me rollin’ they hatin” she says while laughing and I laugh with her.

“How original Chloe,” I compliment her.

“Shut up, I know you laughed,” she begins, “So I was thinking on this fine Saturday night, me and you go out!”

“Go out? Where?” I wonder what she has in mind. Considering it’s Chloe I have to expect the unexpected.

“It’s a surprise! I will pick you up at seven and you will get ready at my house!” she informs me of our plans, “Oh! And bring clothes to sleepover in!”

“Uggh, fine!” I give in, “I’ll start packing. Should I bring hair and makeup stuff?”

“Nope, I have all those things you can use!”

“Okay! See you soon!” We say our goodbyes, and I make my way into the kitchen.

“Hey, I'm gonna sleepover at Chloe’s tonight. She’s picking me up at seven.” I tell Jessica as she’s cooking with Hayley.

“Okay, sweetie. Cameron and Toby can watch the twins tonight.” She looks up from the mixing bowl and smiles.

“Thank you.” I say and make my way upstairs to get ready.

I shut my door and locked it and went into the bathroom and turned the shower on. Every time I get into the shower now I always pull a chair under the closest door handle just in case Cameron or someone else decides to make their way into here.

I strip off my clothes and enter the shower. I wash my hair, body, and then face. I also shave my under arms and legs. Now I am as soft as a dolphin.

I step out of the shower and grab a smaller towel and wrap it around my hair, I then grab a larger towel and wrap it around my body.

I go to my dresser and pull out a white  bra and underwear and put them on. Since I'm going to be getting ready at Chloe’s, I just put on sweatpants, and a pajama shirt.

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