Chapter 43

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Cameron’s POV:

During the trial I had been called up to the stand.

My hands were shaking the whole time from sitting and listening to what the lawyers and judge had been asking Bailey what happened at her foster house, the way to California and to her stay with us.

“I finally felt loved and cared for at their house, they gave me a family and friends that I love. I couldn’t be any happier than I am there with them,” Bailey had said with a shaky voice and a small smile.

They had soon called me up to the stand and asked me questions, like how we met and her appearance when I saw her first.

The judge told us we can leave but be back before 3:30pm, so they can decide their answer.

My parents and John wanted to get something to snack on before returning, considering we missed lunch.

During our little trip, Bailey had been very quiet. I occasionally asked her if she was okay, she just nodded and gave a small smile.

As everybody pilled back into the court room, the judge came out and took her seat.

“We have decided,” she took a breath and looked at her papers, I look at Bailey and her eyes are wide and glossy. I grab her hand and give it a little squeeze.

Bailey’s POV:

“We have decided,” she took a breath and looked at her papers, Cameron held my hand and gave it a small squeeze. I looked at him and gave him a smile.

What the judge is about to tell us is going to determine what happens to my life.

If I go back to Regina’s foster home, be abused almost every day, and go to school and be bullied.

Or go back to my real home with the Dallas’ and go to a school I love.

“Regina, you are found guilty for abusing a minor, you will be sent to jail for five years. You will not be allowed in the state of California or come in any distance of Bailey. And for Bailey, you may stay with the Dallas’.” My jaw drops.

I am beyond relieved. I look at Regina and she is being taken away in handcuffs by two officers.

I then look to Cameron and he says, “You can stay!” I quickly wrap my arms around his neck and hug him tight. “I told you I would keep you safe,” he whispers in my ear.

A few tears slip from my eyes, and I hug him tighter not wanting to let go.

Sadly he pulls away; I look to Jessica and Jeff who are talking to John. Jessica looks to me and smiles to her ears.

“You can stay!” she engulfs me in a big hug.

“I love you,” I whisper to her.

She pulls away, tears slipping from her eyes, “I love you too.” She pulls me in for another hug.

“Well let’s go celebrate!” Jeff says. Jessica and I pull away and she wipes the tears off my cheeks with her thumbs. I do the same with her and we laugh.

(When I was writing the part with Bailey hugging Cameron and Jessica I teared up a bit :'( It was so cute! 

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