Chapter 4

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Bailey's POV:

"Hey. Bailey. We're here." I'm awakened by Cameron with his hand on my cheek and his thumb rubbing my cheek up and down. He pulls away quickly when my eyes open. "I'm...I'm sorry." "It's fine." Why was he saying sorry? He was just waking me up. I sit up and look over at Cameron, he is taking the keys out of the ignition and opens his door. I look down and grab my backpack, right as I was about to open my door Cameron is already there opening it for me. He's so sweet. I say thank you before hopping out of the truck. He shuts the door and walks to the side of the truck and grabs his suit case. He puts it on the ground and pulls the handle up and starts rolling it. I look around, I'm guessing we're in his garage, because there is two other cars, a dirt bike, two quads, and a razor. Cameron's laughter breaks me out of my thoughts.

"Lets go inside....unless you want to sleep in here?" he says while laughing.

"No thank you." I say and return a laugh.

We start walking towards a door. I was hoping to actually see how this house looked from outside. I guess I'll be seeing it another time. Cameron opens the door and walks in, he continues holding it open for me. I step inside and all I see is darkness. I hear the door close and foot steps. The light turns on. I look behind and find Cameron taking his shoes off. While he does that I take my time and look around. We're in a laundry room. A big laundry room. To my right is another door, I look inside, there is small shelves filled with shoes, there are four backpacks, and jackets hanging on the wall. I look to my left outside of the door and find a washer and dryer up against the wall, to the right along the wall in a long counter with cabinets under it. There is laundry baskets filled with clothes on top of the counter, and beside the wall is a sink. On the right side of the room is a closet with two sliding doors. I look back to find Cameron already looking at me and smiling.


"Nothing. Come on, I'm sure you're hungry. But first I'll lead you to the guest bedroom."

I follow Cameron out of the laundry room. He switches a few lights on. Before walking up the stairs, I follow him. This is a very big staircase, or I'm just really tired. We finally get to the top of the stair case. Cameron turns some more lights on. ''WOW!" I thought.

"Over here." Cameron says.

To the right is a door, in front of me there is four doors. I walk over to the door on the right where Cameron's at. He walks in and I follow.

"This is the guest bedroom."

I walk around the room to the right is a queen size bed. In front of me is a dresser. To the left is what looks like a bathroom. I walk in, there is a giant mirror on the wall, below it is a big counter with two sinks, several cabinets are below it. To the left of the bathroom is a big walk in shower and a toilets. As you walk farther inside, there is a closet. I walk inside and switch the light on. Its a very big walk in closet. However, there are no clothes hanging. I walk out of the bathroom, to find myself to be alone. I wonder where Cameron went? I set my backpack on the bed and take my very little set of clothes out. I take them aNDet them inside the dresser. Oh great I have nothing to sleep in except these clothes. I guess its a good thing I just work shorts and a t-shirt. It won't be the most comfortable thing to sleep in but whatever. Right when I sit on the bed, I hear a knock on the door and Cameron with a load of food in his hands.

''Come on in." I gesture for him to enter and sit on the bed. He enters and walks over to the other side of the bed.

"We should probably eat this on the floor so we don't get an crumbs on the bed."

"Fine with me." I say and smile at him. He sets everything on the bed before telling me he'll be right back. When he comes back in he has a laptop in hand and two blankets. He walks over the the empty space between the bed and the wall and sets the laptop on the bed. He takes one of the blankets and lays it flat on the carpet, he takes the other one and does the same.

"Throw some of the pillows on the floor." he instructs. I do what he says and throw four pillows on the floor, they land against the wall. I get up from the left side of the bed and walk to the right side. Cameron takes a hand full of the food and lays it down on the ground, I do the same. He then lays the laptop on the ground. We both sit down cross legged on the blankets.

"Do you like Mac N' Cheese?" he asks me.

"No....I love Mac N' Cheese!" he laughs at my joke. I've never had a guy friend before, I've never actually talked to a guy before.

He laughs again before speaking, "Well we have a kitchen upstairs. I would cook it down stairs but my parents room is downstairs and I don't want to wake them. Do you want to help me make it? Cause to be honest.....I don't know how to cook it."

"I'd love to help you make it. I can even teach you." We both laugh.

 "Well lets go make it!" he says while getting up. As I'm getting up Cameron reaches his hand out to help me up. He smiles down at me, I return the smile and grab his hand and stand up. He doesn't let go of my hand. All I can think is "Why is he still holding my hand!? What do I do?! Do I pull away, let go, keep holding it!? WOW HE HAS SOFT HANDS!!" He leads me past the four bedrooms, I notice all of the doors are shut and all the lights are turned off. Of course they are its like after 11 o'clock. Cameron opens a door and shuts it before turning the light on. He lets go of my hand. "Awe." I think. But what was I expecting we hold hands the entire time?

This is a pretty big kitchen just for upstairs. Cameron walks over the one of the cabinets and takes out  a pot. He sets it on the stove and then walks of to the pantry, he opens it and takes out a box of craft Mac N' Cheese. He shuts the pantry door and looks at me and shakes the box.

I laugh at him and say, "You're a dork."

"I may be." he smiles and laughs and winks at me."Okay. So how do we make this.?"

"Read the box." I instruct.

"Uggghhhh! But I haaaatttte reading!!!" he exagerates his words.

"Fine! Give me the box." He hands me the box and I read the side. I set the box on the counter, and grab the pot and walk over to the sink. I turn the faucet on and fill the pot more than half way with water. I turn the faucet off and walk over to the stove and set it on the right front burner, and turn the temperature on. Thank god its not a gas stove. I put the lid on the pot so it will heat the water much faster.

"Why'd you put a lid on there?"

"To make the water boil faster."

"Ooooooohh. Well how long will that take?"

''I'm not sure but the noddles take about seven minutes to cook."

"But thats to long!"

"Go get some of the food you brought in the bedroom." I instruct.

"Okay. I'll be back. Don't go anywhere." He winks at me before leaving. My tummy feels weird. It's strange everytime he does something sweet or cute I get that strange feeling in my stomach. It doesn't make it hurt though. I'm taken away by my thoughts as Cameron opens up the door.

"I got goldfish!"

"What are goldfish?" I've never heard of them.

"Are you kidding me?" he says with wide eyes and his jaw dropped.


"Oh my word. They're the most yummiest thing you will every eat!"

"Well, we'll see about that." I say and wink at him.

(Okay if you didn't know. This is my first fan fiction I have written. If there is any grammar problems I'll try and fix them. But keep voting or commenting and follow my Instagram: @mattsbootie)

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