Chapter 42

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Bailey’s POV:

After John had told me what they him and my old foster mom would ask me, it made me a little more nervous.

When they ask me I may stutter, and they won’t believe me. Or she will make up some lie and they’ll believe her and send me back.

I can’t go back there. It was hell. I wasn’t happy. If I were to go back, I would just run away again. I would run, walk, hitch hike all my back to the Dallas’.

They’re my home. Even though Jessica and Jeff worked a lot and I didn’t see them much, and the twins were at their Grandma and Grandpa’s, I still had Toby and Cameron. They gave me a home, friends and a family.

Considering we are going to a court house tomorrow, we are going shopping for something appropriate to wear.

When we arrive at the mall, Cameron and Jeff go one way and Jessica and I go another.

We enter Forever 21, and start looking.

“So do we wear dresses or skirts?” I ask Jessica.

“A skirt would be better. We’ll find a different place to look for shoes though,”

“Okay,” I say and start thumbing through the shirts.

“Here! I found a black pencil skirt you can wear. I'm going to wear black dress pants.” Jessica tells me holding up the skirt.

I grab it from her and hang it over my arm and continue looking for a top.

“This is cute,” I look to Jessica. She is holding up a flowy white top.

“It is.”

“Let’s go try these on.”

I follow Jessica towards the dressing rooms, I pick a changing room and hang my clothes inside and shut the door.

I pull my shirt over my head and lay it on the bench. I take the white shirt off the hanger and pull it on, trying not to ruin my hair.

I take my shoes and pants off and slip the black skirt up my legs.

“Bailey? Are you done?” Jessica says form outside my changing room.

“Yeah,” I say as I pull the door open.

“Oh my gosh, you look beautiful!” Jessica gushed, clapping her hands.

“Thanks, I think I’ll just go with this. I don’t feel like looking anymore.”

“Fine with me, I'm a bit tired myself. I think we’ll just get something from a fast food place for dinner. I'm sure all of us are pooped from the flight,” Jessica said walking back to her changing room, “Now let’s go buy these!”


“Are you guys ready?” John asks us.

“Ready as we’ll ever be!” Jeff said, and I just nod.

“Bailey, don’t be nervous. Just take deep breaths,” John tries to calm me. But all I'm doing is over thinking.

“Alright, I guess we should go in.”

I take a deep breath and walk in keeping my head down.

We are sitting on the right side of the room, Jessica and Jeff sitting directly behind us.

Once everyone is in the court room, they shut the door.

I take one last deep breath as I see the judge enter the room.

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