Chapter 5

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Bailey's POV:

"It's not polite to throw things at people you know. " I say as Cameron contines to throw gold fish at me.

"It may not be. However, its pretty funny." he says and while trying to hold in his laughter and fails terribly. I pick up a goldfish from the floor and throw it at Cameron. He catches it in his mouth and eats it.

"That's disgusting! That was on the floor! "

"Oh well." he shrugs. I shake my end and laugh at him. I try to be as quiet as possible because I know his family is trying to sleep. Finally the Mac N' Cheese is finished. I look in all the cabinets to find a strainer. BINGO!  I found one. I pick it up and take it to the sink and set it inside. I walk towards the stove and grab the pots and take it to the sink and dump the pot full of water and noodles in the middle of the strainer. I put the pot back on the left front side burner so the pot won't continue to heat up, and then walk back towards the sink.  I shake the strainer to shake as much water out of it as possible.

"Here since you barley did anything to help make this you can do the final steps." I gesture for him to come grab the strainer. "Now take this and dump the noodles back inside the pot. " he does as I say and triea his hardest to get all the noodles inside the pot. He did a good job, there was only abouy five noodles on the stove.  "Now, go get the milk and butter please." he walks to the fridge and gets the milk and butter out and shuts the fridge door. "Okay so take this spoon and scoop some butter out. " I hand him a spoon.

"How much butter?" I put my hand over his, so we are both holding the spoon. I guide our hands towards the tub of butter and scoop a spoon full out. I feel Cameron's eyes on my then whole time. I try not to pay attention to it, although I feel my cheeks get heated. "Now for the milk. I'll tell you when to stop." he opens the milk and starts pouring very slowly.  I put my hand on the bottom to tilt it a bit more, although I fail and hit it hard causing a bunch of milk to go into the pot. "Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry!" I say picnicking.

He laughs, "it's fine. I like it cheesey anyways." he smiles and winks at me.

"Well..uh.. now we put the cheese powder in." he follows my instructions and takes the powder and empties it in the pot. I take the spoon and stir it slowly.  When its all blended I say, "Alright its ready."

"Finally!" he exclaims.

"Shhhhh!! They're other people living in this house that are trying to sleep!" I yell at him in a whisper voice.

"Oh yeah huh?" he winks at me again. My tummy is going crazy! He walks over to the cabinets and grabs two plastic bowls, he opens one of the drawers and takes two forks out. I take a bowl and a fork from him and start filling it with Mac N' Cheese. Once I'm finished I take a bite while Cameron fillsnhis bowl half way. I filled mine less then halfway.  I never had that big of an appetite.

"What do you like to drink?"

"Anything." I've never been very picky. He grabs two cans of pepsi and closes the fridge.

"Actually, anything except pepsi." hisnjaw drops.

"How do you not like pepsi!?"

"I don't know. I'm not really that big of a fan of soda."

"You're crazy. Eventually I'm going to get you to like it." he puts one of the cans back and grabs a water bottle. I take the water from him, and start walking towards the door. I wait for Cameron so he can lead the way.

When we get in the bedroom Cameron shuts the door. "Why'd you shut the door?" I asked kind of panicked.

"I didn't want to wake anyone with our talking. And we may watch a movie to."

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