Chapter 6

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Cameron's POV:

"Do you think they're dead?" I hear soft whispers. "No. They might be sleeping."

I open one of my eyes very slightly so they won't notice I'm awake. My brother and sister, Zach and Hayley, they're twins. I watch them as they leave the room and close the door softly. I feel an arm wrap around my waist and a head lay on my chest. I almost forgot that I was sleeping on the floor with Bailey.

I rub my eyes and look down at Bailey. I tuck the hair on her face behind her ear. She looks so cute when she's sleeping. I notice she doesn't wear any makeup. 

I study her face while she's sleeping. She has a nice tan skin tone, a small nose, long balck eye lashes, and big lips I broken out of my thoughts when Bailey opens her eyes.


"Good morning." She already has a smile on her face. She has a cute morning voice. She pulls away and sits up quickly once she relizes she's laying on me. "S-sorry."

"It's fine. Trust me," I assure her. I wish she would've stayed there a bit longer. "Did you sleep good?" I ask as I sit up.

"I slept great. Thank you for letting me stay here."

"You're welcome. Remember you can stay as long as you'd like to."

"Thanks. I'll be back. I have to go to the restroom."

"Okay. I'm going to clean this up." I stand up and grab all the food I can and walk out of the guest bedroom and into the kitchen. My other foster brother is in there just in sweatpants and shirtless.

"Good to see you're back. And alive. Zach and Hayley claimed that you were dead. And a girl to? You brought a girl back for me? How sweet bro." Toby joked as I put the food back into the pantry and our Mac N' Cheese bowls in the sink.

"Here names Bailey. I met her on the bus on the way here. She ran away from her foster mom because she has abused her." Toby's jaw drops.

"That's terrible."

"Yeah. So just be careful what you say to her."

"I will." He assures me. I only warn him because he likes to joke around alot and I'd hate for him to say something wrong to her. He's really nice though.

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