Chapter 14

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Bailey's POV:

"And what do I have to do then?" I asked Toby.

"Well....let's see. There's you can jump in our pool nude......go streaking......" I am doing neither of those. "You know what I'm going to take time to think about that." Thank God.

"Okay. But just tell let you know. I am doing nothing. I mean nothing! That involves me undressing." I say and mean it.

Toby puts his hands up in defeat, "Fine. But this bet will be good."

"Let’s watch some movies. I'm tired of this game." Cameron says.

"What are you talking about? You didn't even play." Toby says. I laugh at Cameron.

"Sure." Cameron looks at me and smiles. I wink at him and he winks back.

"What movie?" I ask changing the subject.

“What about Paranormal Activity?” Toby suggests.

“I'm not sure what that is, but I do not do paranormal movies.” I shut down his suggestion immediately.

“Yeah, how about something funny?” Cameron suggests.

“I like that idea better.” I tell them.

“Pitch Perfect?” Cameron asks.

“What’s that?” I have no clue what that is. Both the boys gasp.

“Aca-cuse me? Okay we’re definitely watching it.” Toby says and gets up off the bed and walks through the door way.

“What was that all about?” I ask Cameron.

“It’s his favorite movie.” He says and we laugh. “We should probably go in there.”

“In where?”

“The loft.” He tells me.

“So you’re telling that there’s more to this house?” I ask as we walk out of the bedroom.

“Yeah, our house is pretty big.” We laugh. We walk into the loft. It’s big.

There is L-couch in the right hand corner; on the wall to the left is another couch. I look around for a TV but I didn’t see one.

“Where’s the TV?”

“There isn’t.” Toby says and gets off the couch. “We have a projection thingy.” He says and points the ceiling. There is a projection monitor. Cameron turns it on and a blue screen appears on the wall. I watch Toby as he goes to the wall with the light switches, he flicks one on. But no light comes on. I look at him with a confused expression on my face, and he points behind me. And white projection screen starts lowering down. Oh.

Cameron is sitting on the L-shaped couch with an apple laptop on his lap. He put a disk in the side of it and set the computer at the end of the couch.

“Is there something I can change into before we watch this?” I ask Cameron.

“Yeah” He gets up and walks to his room and I follow. We get into his room, “Do you want to keep the shirt and just wear bottoms? He asks me.

“Nah. I wore this all day.”

“Okay. You can pick out the shirt. Sweatpants or boxers?”

“Sweatpants please.” I step into our closet and look through his shirts. I find a white shirt that doesn’t look see through. Cameron walks in the door with black sweatpants. “I’ll change and meet you out there.” I said and smiled at him.

“Okay.” He says and smiles back. He walks away and I don’t bother shutting the door, he’s gone anyways. I take off the black shirt and throw it in a hamper up against the wall and then pull the white shirt on. It goes a little past my stomach, but its comfy. I pull my shorts off and throw them against the wall and pull the black sweatpants on. They're kinda loose but I'm only going to be sitting so I should me fine. I pick up my shorts and open the door leading into my bedroom and shut the light off. I walk through the bathroom and walk over to my dresser. I fold my shorts and set them inside and close the drawer.

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