Chapter 2

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Bailey's POV:

"Hey. ...hey....hey... wake up!" I hear a boy saying to me while shaking my shoulder.  I finally open my eyes to find a tall figure bending over the seat in front of me. He has longer brown hair sweeping over his forehead, and big brown eyes. I yawn and stretch out. He laughs, "Hey... well uhm the bus has like 5 minutes until we stop at the station just letting you know." he says and smiles. "Oh. Well thank you." He stands up and takes the seat next to me.

"So why are you goin to Cali?" he asks me.

"To get away from somethings." I reply not giving much of myself away. "What about you? "

"Well I was out in Arizona to visit a couple friends. And now I'm on my way back to my foster house. " he says and looks away, seeming like he's embarrassed.

"Oh. You don't have to be embarrassed about it. I actually came from a foster house myself. I needed to leave I couldn't stand being there anymore." oh no, should I have said that?

"Do you have anywhere to stay?" he asks with a concerned look on his face.

"uhm...I don't.."

"Would you like to stay with me and my "family"?" he puts air quotes around family.

"Erhm. If you don't mind.  I don't have anywhere to go. Are you sure its okay though?  Your foster parents won't be angry or anything right?"

"Not at all. Surprisingly it's a big house. its just me, my foster parents,  and three foster siblings."

"Okay. I'll only stay for two days tops and I'll find my own place."

"You can stay however long you'd like. " he says with a big smile. "I don't think we've properly introduced ourselves. I'm Cameron Dallas, 17 years old." he says while holding his hand out.

"Bailey, I'm also 17." I say with a smile and shake his hand.

"Nice to meet you." I could get use to seeing his face every day.

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