Chapter 22

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Bailey's POV:

"Did you have fun when you went in the other room with Tyler?" Rosie asks me.

I feel kind of dizzy, but really happy. Is this what being drunk feels like? I mean I only had like three drinks, and maybe a few more.

"Bailey? Hello? Earth to Bailey?" I'm broken out of my thoughts when Toby is waving his hand in front of my face.

"What?" I ask.

"I asked if you had fun with Tyler when you went in the other room?" Rosie repeats her question.

"Oh yes! We had lots of fun!  I learn that he treats girls really nice!" I say while smiling.

"I see new girl got busy." Rosie said while laughing. "Someone else ask!"

Cameron's POV:

After hearing what Bailey had to say about her and Tyler being together and "how much fun they had" made me really pissed off.

"I will." I say and all eyes are on me. "Rosie, truth or dare?"

"Dare." she says.

"I dare you let me take a body shot off you."

"Okay." She says.

"Chloe, tequila please." I say and she hands me the bottle reluctantly.

Rosie lied down and pulled her shirt up just a little under her boobs. I pour a little bit of tequila in her belly button and drink it. When I finished she sat up and pulled her shirt back down.

I looked at Bailey and all she had was hurt in her eyes. Why was she hurt? She likes Tyler.

But I can't like her. It'll be weird. She lives with me. She might be my foster sister.

I look back to where Bailey was sitting and the only thing there was the jacket she was wearing, I think it was Noah's.  I look around the room and I find her starting to walk down the steps. And of course Tyler is fucking following her.

Noah, Brandon, and I have been friends since we were five, and Toby. Tyler came along Freshmen year. To be honest he's a dick.

I've tried my best along the years to stay on his good side and act like a friend to him, but I think I won't be able to take it anymore. 

I'll have to make sure that he won't get Bailey. I'm sure it'll be hard for her to believe me because she's already wrapped around his finger, thinking he's the sweetest guy out there.

Bailey's POV:

I can't believe Cameron just did that. But why? I barely know him and obviously he like Rosie and Rosie likes him back.

She would be cute with him. She has long straight blonde hair that reaches a couple inches longer than mid-back. Blue eyes. Tiny waist.

While I just have brown wavy hair that reaches a bit above mid-back. And blue-ish grey eyes. And a small waist,  not as small as Rosie's.

I couldn't stand being in that room anymore. So I got up and left.

Where? I'm not sure, but anywhere besides that loft.

I heard Tyler coming after me which made me run down the stairs much faster.

I went through the crowd of people and tried making my way out.

Some how I got in the kitchen. There's more people in here than before. I grabbed a random bottle of liquor and poured myself a drink and drank it all.

Filling it once again, I drink almost half of it before I see Tyler entering the kitchen. I set my cup down and ducked down through all the people until I finally got out of the kitchen.

I found the front door and left.

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