Chapter 61

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Couple weeks later.


Bailey’s POV:

I wake up, with my skin feeling clammy and arms draped over my waist. I open my eyes to see darkness.

We’re under my comforter.

I lift it up over our heads, uncovering a sleeping Cameron. His face is so peaceful and beautiful. 

I lightly trace the outline of his, beautiful and soft face, moving some of his hair off his forehead, careful not to wake him.

Cameron’s been receiving chemotherapy at his appointments; he has been losing some of his hair. He decided to get it cut, after he started to lose more. But he looks good with long and short hair. That’s around the time we told the twins, they were wondering why his hair started falling out.

“What are you doing?” Cameron soon speaks his voice raspy.

“Admiring how beautiful and handsome you are.”

“Is that so?” he says, smiling with his eyes still closed.

“Mhm,” I smile at Cameron, as he opens one eye slightly to look at me, with a goofy grin on his face.

It soon disappears and he lets out a long sigh.

“Wooh, wooh,” I cover my nose with my hand.

“What?” Cameron’s eyes widen.

“You need to brush your teeth! Your breath is terrible!”

“Oh my gosh!” Cameron says laughing really hard, rolling onto his back and covering his face with his hands.

I laugh and smile at how beautiful Cameron looks while laughing.

“I probably need to brush my teeth too, so don’t be embarrassed,” I add.

Cameron pulls the covers off and says, “I'm gonna go brush my teeth, I’ll be back.” He leans over the bed and kissing me on my cheek.

I get up also and make my way into my bathroom as Cameron disappears through our closet, into his room.

I grab my brush first and brush out my hair, untangling the knots. When I'm done brushing, I gather my hair together and put it into a pony, and grab a head band.

I grab my tooth brush and toothpaste and start brushing.

I soon see Cameron walk into our closet through the mirror, shirtless.

“I have another appointment today,” Cameron tells me, still in our closet.

“Yeah, how are the treatments going?” I ask, rinsing out my mouth with water, and setting my toothbrush back in the holder.

“They’re okay,” he says, pulling a shirt over his head.

I don’t say anything. Not quite sure what to say.

I place my hands on the counter looking down, thinking.

Are the treatments helping him?

I feel arms come around my waist. I look up, into the mirror and see Cameron. He places his head where my neck meets my shoulder, and he kisses it, leaving his lips there before speaking.

“It’ll be okay. I’ll be okay,” he assures me. But how do we know for sure?

“Just stop thinking about it, and live in the moments with me. Please, for me?” Cameron rests his chin on the top of my head, smiling at me through the mirror.

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