Chapter 63

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7 years later

Bailey's POV:

I lay in bed, alone and in silence. I've been in this bed for only a week, seems longer to me. But I've only left it to use the bathroom. I shut my phone off, earlier in the week because, I couldn't stand the constant buzzing or ringing from it, and seeing what people are saying; not that the messages were bad. I just didn't want to see what they had to say.

I close my eyes hard and rub my face. I need to get out of this bed. The back of my head told me. I huff and throw the covers off my body. I walked in my small bathroom and look in the mirror. Bags and dark circles under my eyes, and my hair all tangled in a mess.

I turn the shower on and strip from my clothing and step inside. I close the curtain and let the warm water cover my body. I shampoo and condition my hair and then wash my body, as a memory pops in my head.

"Cameron! What are you doing in here!?" I almost scream, trying to cover up.

"Why are you hiding? I've seen you naked many times!" he smiles and laughs. Cameron steps closer to me and pulls my arms away. "You don't need to hide your body from me, you're beautiful."

I turn the water off and wrap a towel around my body. I look back into the mirror at my reflection, I look more awake now. I walk into my room and grab my phone, turning it back on. (I had a phone upgrade a couple years ago and got an iPhone) When the screen lights back up, several notifications start to fill my screen.

Several from my Mom, along with a few other people. I open my mom's messages first;

Hi sweetie, we miss you come visit some time? love you lots

Bailey, I hope you're doing okay.  love you tons.

I respond to her saying, "I'll come by in a little bit. love you too!"

I quickly change into my underwear and bra, and into a pair of skinny jeans, that were looser on me and a big sweat shirt. These jeans use to fit me perfectly; however, they’re now loose on me. I haven't had much of an appetite lately, just because I wasn't hungry, and there was just no food.

I blow dry my hair and add a little make-up on my face. Satisfied with how I looked, I grabbed my wallet, car keys, and phone and left. I walked out into the living room and look around.

"I can't believe we got an apartment together!" I squeal, looking around our one bedroom apartment. We had just gotten everything unpacked, with the help of Toby and Mom and Dad. They left after we unloaded everything from the moving truck.

"It's crazy, huh?" Cameron stands in front, with a lazy grin on his face. He wraps his arms around my waist and leaving them along my lower back.

"What should we do first in our new home?" I ask and smile at him.

"I have a few things in mind." He smirks and kisses my lips softly then says, "I say, we make dinner and watch a movie and maybe have a little fun in our new bed." He winks at me and I playfully slap his arm.


"This noodle is hard!" I scrunch my nose taking the uncooked noodle out of my mouth and placing it in my napkin.

"What the hell! I cooked then for as long as the instructions said."

"Tsk tsk." I playfully scolded Cameron.

We had just settled with something simple, considering our pantry and fridge wasn’t fully stocked, Mac & Cheese.

After the movie, we went straight to our new room. Cameron was holding me up, as my legs were wrapped around his waist while we were making out. Cameron carefully dropped me on the bed and he continued kissing my lips then moving to my neck. I moan out of pleasure as his hands start to wonder my body and the feeling of him lightly sucking on my neck.

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