Chapter 41

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Cameron’s POV:

During the plane ride Bailey had fallen asleep on my shoulder. I didn’t bother moving because I liked how she was sleeping on me. It was cute, she’s cute.

She would occasionally move a little and come closer to me.

I pushed her a little off me, giving me room to move the arm rest in between us. Once I move it up, I lightly pulled Bailey back to me.

She put her head back on my shoulder and wrapped her arm around my stomach.

I wrap my arm around her shoulder and lay my head on hers and close my eyes.

“Cameron, Bailey, we landed.” I hear and women’s voice say.

I open my eyes and see my mom and dad gathering their things from the seat. I look down and see Bailey sleeping on my lap.

I lightly shake her shoulder and she grunts.

“Bailey, we landed.” Once I tell her that she slowly gets up and rubs her eyes.

“Great.” She says and leans back into her seat. I put my hand on her shoulder and rub it.

“It’ll be okay, we won’t let you go. You mean too much to my family.” She looks at me and gives me a small smile.

We walk off the plan, and go to get our luggage.

Bailey walking slowly behind me, and my parents in front of me trying to get through all the people.

I stop and wait for Bailey to catch up to me; once she does I grab her hand and start walking a bit faster with her. She tries to pull away, so I hold her hand a little tighter.

After we got our luggage we got a cab, which was a van so we could all fit inside. We put our luggage in the trunk and all got inside.

My dad told the address to the cab driver and he started driving, weaving in and out of the other drivers.

“This is a really nice hotel,” I tell my mom and dad, as we enter the lobby.

“Wait till you see our rooms,” my dad tells me.

“What are the room arrangements?” I ask my parents.

“Since it was short notice, we could only get one room. I'm about to check in, so when I finish we’ll decide.” My dad tells me then walks to the check in counter.

Bailey, my mom and I look around the lobby seeing several people sitting down, in the food court, and walking out the door to what I'm guessing the pool, considering they have swim suits and towels on.

“When we have any free time, we’ll have to check out the pool. Have some relaxing time.” My mom said.

“Oh. I didn’t bring a bathing suit,” Bailey said.

“Neither did I,” I say.

“I don’t think any of us did! I don’t blame you guys, it is October,” my mom laughs, “We can always go and buy them!”

“Yeah, it’s pretty much always hot in Arizona,” Bailey lets a small laugh out. I smile at her; she’s so beautiful when she smiles.

“Okay, got our room key,” my dad says as he approaches us, “its one bedroom, but we do have a living room with couches, and there is a kitchen. But we will be sharing the bathroom.”

“Sounds good, let’s go!” my mom says, “What floor are we?”

“Third floor, we can take the elevator up.”

My parents lead the way as Bailey and I follow behind.

We get on the third floor and start walking to our room.

“Room 221, 222, 223, ah! Room 224!” my dad says as we pass other rooms.

 “The couch in the living room is a pull out couch; you guys can decide how you’re sleeping.” My mom informs me as she places her luggage on the king sized bed in the other room.

The only thing dividing their room and the living room; where Bailey and I will be sleeping is a wall and sliding doors.

Bailey and I set our luggages against the wall beside the couch.

“Well, I’ll sleep on the floor. You can have the couch,” I tell Bailey.

“You can sleep on the bed with me, its fine.” She tells me and gives me a small smile.

“Well, the lawyer would like to meet with us and talk about a few things before we go to court,” Jessica says as she enters the room with Jeff.

“What time?” I ask.

“He wants to meet all of us at one thirty. He wants to talk to each of us, so that may take a little time,” Jeff explains and I nod.

“Well we have thirty minutes until he wants to meet with us.”

The plan had taken about three hours to get here, along with the car ride and traffic; it’s already 12:25.

“Where are we meeting him?” I ask Jessica and Jeff.


At least I’ll get a good drink out of this.

“Well should we head out?” Jessica asks Jeff.


Bailey's POV:

We enter the Starbucks, there are a few people here sitting on their laptops while drinking their coffee.

I see a man in a suit and a brief case on the table, which I'm assuming is my lawyer.

I'm proven right when Jessica and Jeff start to guide me and Cameron over to him.

 When we approach him he stands from his seat, and extends his hand and shakes Jeff and Jessica's hands.

"Hi, John. Thank you for doing this on such short notice," Jessica says to John.

"No problem, I'm here to do all I can so you don't have to lose a loved one," John shifts his gaze to me, "Hello, Bailey. I'm John your lawyer. I'm pretty posivtive that we will win this and you can stay with the Dallas'."

"Nice to meet you. I hope we do win," I let out a little sigh and sat down in front of where John was sitting.

"I'm going to get some drinks, what do you guys want?" Jessica asks looking towards me and Cameron.

"I'll have a cotton candy frappuccino," I tell her with a small smile.

"I'll have a java chip." Cameron says.

Jeff sits to the right of John, and Cameron sits in front of Jeff and to the left of me. John starts taking papers out of his brief case, a notebook, and pen.

Jessica soon returns with all of our coffee. I say a small thank you before drinking in the sweet drink.

"Well, lets begin with what they're going to be asking you during the trial," John says while looking at me.

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