Chapter 45

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Bailey’s POV:

He props his forearms on either side of my head so he doesn’t put all of his weight onto me.

“Sorry.” He breathes out and his minty breath fans over my face.

“Its fine.” I laugh.

He starts to get off of me, but I pull the collar of his shirt back towards me and crash my lips to his.

As we kiss I hear to light thumbs on the ground, I'm guessing Cameron kicked my heels off.

I laugh and smile against his lips and he asks, “What are you laughing at?”

I look at his gorgeous face, “I thought the heels weren’t “that bad.” So why’d you take them off? You looked hot in them.” I laughed and winked at him.

“Oh, you think I'm hot?” he smirks at me.


“Shut up and just kiss me.”

He puts his lips back to mine and I kiss him back. His lips are soft and gentle while kissing me.

He swipes his tongue over my bottom lip wanting to come into my mouth. He growls as I continue to kiss his lips denying him permission.

I put my arms around his neck pulling him closer, his body is pressed to mine.

I feel his hand go down my side and to my hip. He squeezes it and I let out a gasp, and he takes that chance to slip his tongue in my mouth.

“Aren’t you sneaky.” I say as he kisses the corner of my mouth.

“Mhm,” he starts to kiss my jaw then to my neck.

I let out a moan as he found my sweet spot and started sucking on it.

As much as it felt good, I didn’t want this to go too far.



“I think we should go downstairs.”

“But I like it up here, its quiet.”

“Then let’s go somewhere else. I don’t want this to go too far.” He looks at me and kisses my lips once more before getting off the bed.

“Okay, where do you want to go? It’s only midnight, so a lot of places won’t be open.” He smiles as he gives me a hand and pulls me up .Without the heels; Cameron is a head taller than me. But with my heels on we’re at eye level.

“How about McDonald’s? I'm hungry!”

“Whatever you want,” He says and kisses my cheek. “Do you mind if we bring Nash? I don’t want to leave him; I haven’t hung out with him in a while.”

“I don’t mind, he’s really funny.” I say and sit on the edge of the bed and slip my heels back on.

As I stand to my feet, I'm back at eye level with Cameron.

“Let’s go find him.” Cameron says and extends his hand out towards me. I gladly take it and he pulls me into his chest and gives me a kiss on the lips.

“If you keep on doing this I don’t think I’ll ever be able to leave this room.” I tell Cameron as he starts to kiss down my jaw.

“Well I wouldn’t mind being stuck in a room with you.”

“How sweet,” I smile at him and start to pull him towards the door, “But Timmy’s hungry!”


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