Chapter 11

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Bailey's POV:

I might as well tell him, I'm not sure how long I'll be living with him. But I do also want to gain trust with him.

"They didn't come with me because they don't care for California. They'd rather stay in 100 degree weather. " I lied. Toby and Cameron laugh. But Cameron knows the true reason why I came here.

I know I didn't take long to tell him about why I came here. But I felt like I could trust him.

"I can't believe this summer is almost over!" Toby complains while eating his last tot. "Are you going to go to school with us? How long will you be staying?"

"I'm not sure. " I didn't even relize we have three weeks until school starts.

"We should probably get back. Its already after four." Cameron points out. We throw our food away and head back to their hosue.

(After dinner. Alittle after 7pm)

Jessica's POV:

"Cameron. Can your dad and I talk to you please?"

"Yeah. I'll meet you upstairs after. Okay?"

He tells Bailey.

"Sure." She smiles at all of us before walking up the stairs.

"Come on." I direct Cameron into the bedroom Jeff and I share downstairs. Once we're all in there I shut the door.

"So what'd you guys want to talk about?"

"Your father and I want to ask a few questions about Bailey."

"Go ahead." He says as he sits down on our bed. I stay standing and Jeff sits in our computer chair.

"Where'd you meet her?"

"On my way here on the bus."

"Where is her family? "

"She lived with her foster mom and her kids. She was abused by her mom and always took care of her kids while she was out. She told me she tried multiple times telling people that she was being abused but no one would believe her." My jaw dropped. Poor girl. "Do you think maybe you guys can adopt her?"

"Your father and I will talk about it." I smile and run Cameron's arm. "You can go."

Cameron got up and left the room.

"What should we do? Maybe let her stay for a week or two before deciding if we should adopt her? I mean there's no way in hell she's going back to that "family".. I will do everything I can to stop that from happening." I say it and mean it.

"Yeah. I don't want her going back there....We do have a big enough house for her to stay, enough money to take care of another person. And now you can even have someone to go shopping with." Jeff jokes,  but I know he means it. I laugh at him.

" Okay. We'll talk to her about it tomorrow morning. I'll tell her while we go shopping."

From what it looks like that she's worn, she doesn't have many clothes, and considering she just left her house like that ahe probably doesn't hab have many clothes with her.

Jeff and I start to get ready for bed because we have to wake up at 3am for work. So we usually go to bed aroud 7.

I'm going to write most of the next chapter, ill try to update that chapter tonight.  If not I will tomorrow :)

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