Chapter 18

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This is what it should say I messed up the last part on the final chapter and just finally realized it. I apologize.

This chapter is mainly detail so its not that important.  But it leads up to the party! so I hope you like it!

Bailey’s POV:

“You should come over and hangout before the party then.” Toby says to Chloe. Brandon and Noah start to go “ooooooohhhhh

“Funny.” Toby says and shoots them a glare and throws a grape at them.

“Sure. I’d love to. Thanks.” Chloe thanks Toby.

“I think Bailey should drive us to the house.” Cameron says as we start walking to the truck with Toby and Chloe.

“I think that’s a bad idea.” I tell them and laugh. I don’t even know how to drive.

“I could teach you. It’s really easy.”

“Maybe another time.” I laugh as we open the truck doors. Since we can only fit three people inside the truck Toby went in the bed of the truck and sat inside.

“Oh shit. I forgot my key to my house and my parents are visiting my grandparents in Illinois and I'm I don’t know when they’ll be back because my grandma is sick.” Chloe informs us. I hope her grandma’s okay.

“I'm sure you can stay with us until they come back.” Cameron tells her.

"If you need to. You can borrow something of mine to wear tonight." I offer to Chloe.

"Oh that'd be great! " She says with a smile, "we look the same size. Thank you so much!" she thanks me and wraps her arms around my shoulders. I attempt to hug her back but just end up having my hands on her arms.

Chloe and I are in my closet figuring out what to wear. Its already 8:52pm and we aren't leaving until 10.

"What size shoe do you wear?" Chloe asks me.

"A seven."

"Perfect! Me to! What are you going tk wear?"

"Probably a dress. A flowy one though. "

"Should I wear one too?"

"If you want. I have a lot. Jessica bought me so many." I didn't mean to let that slip.

It looks like she didn't hear the last part thank God.

I find a white dress with pink floral print on it, tight at the top with spaghetti straps and poofs out a little bit at the bottom.  I shall wear this!

" That dress is so cute!" Chloe tells me.

"Thanks!"  I continue looking for something for Chloe to wear. Finally! I found a plain black dress, with a tan belt going around the waste and its a holter top.

"What about this?" I ask her holding the dress up. She takes it by the bottom to extend it to examine it.

A smile quickly grows on her face and says, " I love it!"

"Now for shoes." We hang our dresses back up and walk over to my wallcof shoes. I pick out black converse. And Chloe picks white sandles that wrap around your ankles.

"Should we start our hair?" I ask her.

"Yeah. But first I really need to get out of these jeans!" we both laugh as she tugs at her waste band of her pants.

" Sweats or shorts?" I ask her.

"Shorts please." we walk over to my drawer and look inside.  I find black Sophie's and hand them to her. I walk into the bathroom. I notice how Chloe jsut takes her pants off and slips the jeans right on.

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