Chapter 16.

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Suman's POV.

I could not stop laughing even after disconnecting my call with Pushkar. The look on Shravan's face had been a perfect candid capture.

Pushkar's accompanying caption: 'Global warming claims it's newest victim: The lawyer's green treasure. #HeartBroken Lawyer.' Had me in splits.

Poor Shravan!

Almost as if on cue, my phone rang and Shravan's name flashed. Immediately all thoughts of the infamous encounter of Lawyer with the cucumber was forgotten and the happenings of later part of yesterday invaded my thought.

My heart started jumping wildly in my ribcage.

Sumo! It's just Shravan. Your best friend, Shravan. Take a hold of your disc ordinated heart, I chided myself and pressed 'answer.'


"Miss. Tiwari, is that how you treat your best friend?"


Huh? What was this now?

"I am highly disappointed."

"Shravan? Wha-"

"I am so hurt. So so very hurt."

This time I caught the laughter in his voice that he was trying to camouflage with his seemingly angry rant.

"Care to elaborate Mr. Malhotra?" I played along, by now curious to know where this was leading.

"Don't pretend ignorance with me Miss. Tiwari. You have been highly irresponsible in fulfilling your duties as a best friend."

"Indeed? Since I stand here clueless, my said crime would automatically be null and void, Mr.Malhotra."

"Uh huh. Not so fast my lady. You should be ashamed of yourself, ganging up with that brat of a cousin I have and making fun of me, over a mere cucumber."

"Aha. Now we have the details spilling out. But I need to put forth my objection here, since it is the other way round..

I smiled into the phone as I heard his exaggerated sigh." Of course. How could I forget? You are the one who started this cucumber saga."

"Good. Never take away the credit from the deserving." I said trying to sound solemn.

There was a brief moment of silence before both of us cracked up laughing.

I heard his laughter from the other side of the phone as I slumped backwards to my bed, trying to control my laughter.

This senseless banter that we just shared, would never make any sense to any one but the two of us, even if someone did hear us.

This opened a flood gate of old memories, how we used to often fall into similar senseless conversations, even with friends around.

It was like a prank and something that always perplexed others. It was almost surreal to share this with him after so many years. It made me insanely happy that we still managed to fall into our old pattern of silly things that only best friends share. Well, at least some of the things that we shared.

The fact that he would be going back tonight made way for a strong pang of pain in my heart. I pushed it away with effort.

"Why are you not here yet?" I asked him, trying my best to be normal with him, and not think about his departure.

"What time are you cutting the cake? I will be there on time."

"No way. I need you here before then, you need to help me organise the cake ceremony."

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